New to Eden

New to Eden

mastersonv mastersonv
I am fairly new to Eden and I have recently joined the mentor program as a student. I was wondering how long it generally takes for a mentor to edit a review? Also what are some tips on writing the best reviews? Thank you for any input.
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Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
First of all - welcome to Eden and to the mentoring program. I was new here a couple of months ago and remember how overwhelming it can seem sometimes.

As far as receiving input from a mentor - it depends upon many factors and there is no set deadline of how long they have to edit a review and get it back to you, etc. Here are some of the factors that can determine how long it takes them though...

Do they work? That means they are probably more likely to respond at night or early morning...unless they can edit at work.

Do they have more than one student? If so, they may be really busy and had several reviews turned in at once.

Is it the weekend? Could be that they only have access to the computer during the week (at work)

Do they live in the same country as you? My first mentor was not here in the U.S. where I am so the time difference was a big issue as far as chatting about reviews.

Because it is the holiday season, they may have lots of additional errands, etc. that they're facing (or holiday parties) and that may slow them down too.

If you find that they are simply too slow for you (I'm thinking it takes them a week or more) - you could drop them a note and see what is up and if it would be better for you to get a different mentor.

Personally, I'd always allow at least 48 hours for them to look at a review and get back to you.

Now as far as writing good reviews- wow. Well - first of all - start reading a TON of reviews and then follow the writers that you think are good. You can set alerts so that you always are notified by email when they have a new review up.

In addition, you can read all of the reviews that have been nominated for the weekly review rumble. This shows you a bit more of what the community likes and what they consider to be "good".

I've written some reviews (only a couple) that I felt were outstanding and deserved being in the rumble but they didn't get noticed (at least not in time). Now that I've written more reviews and received more attention from folks - I'm getting more feedback and have been nominated for the rumble - which is nice cause then folks tend to comment more about your review.

But basically, do your best, try to find your "voice" as far as the style you want to use to write your reviews and then be open to input from others.

Good luck!
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