Somebody share their knowledge with me!!!

Somebody share their knowledge with me!!!

Thomas90 Thomas90
So im in desperate need of a mentor, and before i start individually asking for mentors, i thought i'd just make a big post where awesome mentorers could fish me out from all the lame people.

In the next couple of weeks im going to be recieving 6 items, and i want to be able to write some amazing reviews, so before then/around then, i'd love to have a mentor who could help me advance with my reviewing technique.

All the products are trans related (packers/harnesses) if thats of any help to anybody.

Cheers mentors!
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Beck Beck
I'm trying to think of mentors that I know have knowledge about trans related things.

Owl Identified comes to mind.

BBW Talks Toys has harness knowledge. (That I know of, she might have trans related knowledge too.)

Delcious Surprise has also reviewed packer items.

I'd check through the mentor list and see if you can relate to an available mentor.
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