Is it possible for student to publish their own review, when they have a mentor?

Is it possible for student to publish their own review, when they have a mentor?

K101 K101
Strange thing. I didn't think students were able to publish their own reviews if they have a mentor. I got a mentor right away, before asking to be advanced, so maybe that's why I didn't know it could work this way. Perhaps if you're advanced before you get a mentor, you can go behind their back and publish your reviews yourself? What?

I have a student who's been completely and totally inactive, but has only gotten in touch with me asking for a push assignment. I don't know what happened. They wouldn't reply, but I see reviews being published by them and I did not graduate them or fail them, so it was odd to me.

What's the cause of this? Is this normal? Also, if they decided they wanted to be on their own with reviewing suddenly, why not tell me? Am I missing something? Has this ever happened to any of you mentors? What did you do? Graduate them, fail them?

Just curious since I wasn't aware this could happen and since I wasn't getting reponses from the student except to ask for push assignments.
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ksparkles16 ksparkles16
Hey Kendra! Yes it is possible. I went through the mentor program a few times. After I hit the rank of 5.5, there were two options on the bottom of the review: submit to mentor or publish. Just to clarify, I was already an advanced reviewer. I believe you can submit your review to an editor other than your mentor under 5.5 (silly but there). I distinctly remember this because I was super excited for the publish button to appear! Of course, I still submitted my reviews to mentors at the time since I was still improving hope that helps. Sorry your having issues!
Zombirella Zombirella
I'm pretty sure it is, I can't remember right but I think I had the option to submit it myself or to my mentor.
I would message the person, maybe they are doing it by mistake and not paying attention and seeing that there are two options there now instead of one.
Ansley Ansley
If they are advanced, yes they can publish their reviews on their own.

I have a mentor and I do it all the time. Send them a message and see what's up.
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