Ranking Reviews

Ranking Reviews

♥ Amanda ♥ ♥ Amanda ♥
I love going through all the new reviews and giving them ratings. I try to catch all of the new reviews and vote on all of them. I think the rating system is great and it gives reviewers a chance to see what others think of their writing. I rate all reviews I read. What about you? Do you only rate your favorite people, do you rate all of them, do you rate the ones you get a chance to read? I think the rating system is very important and really glad we have.

How do you decide how to rate? Do you rate more towards how they wrote on product description or personal experience or a mix of both.

I love reading reviews that include more information rather than description. I like to see a little info about the toy, but not a whole overview.. that is what the OVERVIEW tab is for. I really like seeing how the person used it and what they thought of it.

How about everyone else?
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buzzvibe buzzvibe
I usually only rate a review if I consider it to be useful or extremely useful. I know that probably isn't helpful for those who write less-than-useful reviews, but in those cases I sometimes comment without rating. I also like hearing personal experiences, like how they actually used the toy. I don't always get that personal in my reviews because most things I use with my husband, and there are boundaries as to what I can share.

As for how I decide which reviews to read, it's really a matter of chance. There's no way I could read them all, so I usually see what's on my wall from people I follow, then I look at the recent reviews posted on the Community News page. I tend to read reviews for products I'm personally interested in, but recently I've been consciously trying to broaden my horizons and read about anything.
angsaysrawr angsaysrawr
I'm still getting familiar with the site so I haven't had the chance to really give input, however when I read a review, what I find useful is the details regarding the toy. For instance, if it were a vibrator, the power of the vibrator, what the reviewer liked and didn't like about the vibrations, etc. Amanda is correct in saying there is an overview tab for a reason so what I look for when reading a review is for the reviewer to fill in the spaces on what the overview tab doesn't cover.
Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
We never have time to read all the reviews we'd like to, so naturally we read/rank the ones on items we're interested in first. Then we migrate to items that look odd or otherwise spark our curiosities. If we still have time after that, then we just go systematically through the list on the Reviews page and read what we can.

As far as how we vote, there's no one set formula. Mainly we like reviews that are balanced fairly evenly between item info and personal opinions. I agree with Amanda about the Overview tab, but we're guilty of going straight to the reviews so basic info is good to see in them too, but not a requirement. Describing how a material feels in terms of firmness and texture is something we always look for, as well as some hint of how strong any vibrations are.
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