When will my role advance?

When will my role advance?

AmethystQueen AmethystQueen
On my public profile it says Im a writer. I do believe that's what it said before I even started to review. I've got four reviews now and have graduated from class with my mentor. On my account page I can see it says advanced but i's not written in the role section. Does that change on my public profile? When will it say advanced or Eden reviewer or something else?
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Ansley Ansley
Hey, the breakdown works like this:

Writers: You've activated the SexIs article Wizard

This trumps any and all other roles on site.

Ambassadors: Bloggers for EF

Basic: New Account/Newly Activated Review Service

Advanced: You've either been voted in as an advanced reviewer (which means you can request monthly assignments) or you graduated through the mentor program.

The only two that hold weight over each other are the Basic and Advanced roles. I hope that helps!
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