#AskEden - How many assignments can I have?

#AskEden - How many assignments can I have?

nikki0668 nikki0668
How many assignments can you have? I have an assignment I need to write a review about. Can I go ahead and request or buy-out another before starting my review?
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PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
If you have a free assignment that you've yet to write a review on, you can do a buy-out assignment, but can't request another free one. I would suggest doing your review before requesting a buy-out though, you have to write reviews on these items and you don't want to overwhelm yourself. I hope that helps!
Ryuson Ryuson
You can only request one free assignment a month as an advanced reviewer.

You can request up to 6 buyouts at a time, but you have to finish that 'batch' before you request another buyout assignment.

If you get a push assignment by an admin (a random toy that's been assigned to you that the Company just sent Eden 20 of to assign to random users) it won't affect your ability to request buyouts or monthly assignments.
mississippigirl81 mississippigirl81
How do I get my first review assignment?
Experiment Experiment
Originally posted by mississippigirl81
How do I get my first review assignment?
If you have a specific toy in mind, go to the upper right hand corner. There should be a box that says 'grab it'. Click that button.

Now go to your assignment cart and click 'request assignment'.

Alternatively, you can use the 'product search' to find a product.

Either way, you simply have to request it in your assignment cart.
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