New Advanced Reviewer with Potentially Silly Question - Have Mercy.

New Advanced Reviewer with Potentially Silly Question - Have Mercy.

StarrStacked StarrStacked
So I just became an advanced reviewer today (I think). I checked my assignment cart and there is a toy in there that I did not "grab" it is within my price range but already has 4 reviews. I remember reading somewhere that you can either choose your own product to review or take ones that are assigned to you, but I could be totally wrong about this. I only ask because I would actually be interested in accepting this assignment if it is an option for me. Does anyone have any idea about this?

Thanks so much!
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js250 js250
Did you press the "Grab It" button earlier?

Does it have Accept free assignment and Declien buttons by it?

The first question has to so with the fact that when you grab an item, it goes into your cart for assignment/reviews. This is not an assignment from the admin. you would have to do a buy out for assignment purposes since there are more than 3 reviews.

The second option is that administrator has sent you a 'push' assignment. These are random free assignments for items that need a review.
Ansley Ansley
Hey, it appears this something you've selected for yourself. The admins have not assigned any products to you, nor have we received an assignment request from your account. As an advanced reviewer, you are now able to request assignments with a 30% discount in exchange for a review.

I hope that helps!
LoganAshlee. LoganAshlee.
Good luck!
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