i'm just a lonely girl, with loads of toys and time..

i'm just a lonely girl, with loads of toys and time..

xxpollypocket xxpollypocket
I just requested to be upgraded, and I would like to add this to my original submission

I can't wait to write more, and in turn learn more about different items that are offered here.

I feel that my reviews improve every time that I write one. I can defiantly see a change. I also get more passionate and more detailed every time I write something!

I also have been honest in my reviews. Even though I felt kind of bad to write a semi negative review of the pearl dreams pleaser,I did it anyways I know that honest reviews are important.

I'm eager to learn, get to know everyone and help out. I also am home all the time, and I have plenty of time to be involved in the community.

I know I haven't been a big part of the forum as of yet,but I plan to make that one of my new goals.

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You got my vote, hun!
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