Check out, welcome, and vote for Biggieaddict!

Check out, welcome, and vote for Biggieaddict!

Antipova Antipova
I first ran across Biggieaddict when I ran across his Adam's Pleasureskin Cock review. His technical detail coupled with good humor that just seeps out of his writing at every turn made me a huge fan. It wasn't too long before he was writing more, and just recently his review of Hung (Biggieaddict indeed---thing's got an 8.25" circumference!) was up in the Rumble.

He asked me if now seemed like a good time to go up for community vote, and I said "definitely." Before realizing the 'personal statement' had to be short enough to fit on a fortune cookie, he wrote this up---

Born into a modestly odd family, growing up on far-flung military bases and having been exposed to different cultures, people and British humor at an early age has given me a slightly bent view of life and a tolerance of other's idiosyncrasies. Early sexual experiences have left me with a knowlege of driven behaviors and also needs that most vanilla relationships tend to leave unfulfilled. I am gregarious, loquacious and compulsively helpful. Most of the time these qualities tend to be more useful to others than myself, but I get along well and don't mind being useful. Somehow my sense of humor has survived my education, including university and graduate school - or, conversely, it has allowed me to survive my education. Possibly life in general. In any case, both the education and the sense of humor have come in handy through the years. I believe an educated reviewer that can critically evaluate a product across a broad knowledge base and write a review with humor and customer's interests in mind may be an asset. One who enjoys participating in the community and can do so in good humor and with a tolerance of others is a further asset. Hopefully this is sufficient to cover enough of my assets that I can upgrade before the sale of the Vixen Outlaw is over!



which I thought was excellent enough to share. Now, his personal statement is the more digestable I enjoy the community, can critically evaluate a product and write a review with humor and with the customer's interests in mind.

So if you've seen Biggieaddict's reviews, run vote for him! And if you haven't yet, go read them and then vote! And if he's already been upgraded to advanced before you get there---go read his reviews, and give the fella a warm welcome. I'm looking forward to welcoming him!
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biggieaddict biggieaddict
Awww, I hadn't seen this till just now. Thanks Antipova! I think the next time I'm running an event that needs an MC, you may find yourself hired! I've been told I have the gift of gab, but you have a much more elegant turn of phrase and a serene flow that takes me a bit more effort and rumbling around in the mental thesaurus.
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