ItsTheDeej: Upgrade Request!

ItsTheDeej: Upgrade Request!

DeejSteele DeejSteele
Hi there! I'm ItsTheDeej, I'm a 21 year old female from the East Coast of the US (North Carolina) and I love!

I just submitted my upgrade request and thought I'd expand upon my reasons for doing so.

I've been purchasing items from for the past year and have always loved the great, informative reviews that have aided me in my purchases. This site does a great job of encouraging feedback so that we can really make an informed decision on our products.

I have a pretty strong background in community management and also in writing. I truly believe that a key to building and maintaining a customer base or community is to encourage the members to be active. Because of this, when I become a member of any community I'm passionate about or consider a great resource, I am extremely active -- posting on forums, writing reviews, networking and making friends and occasionally offering advice. I want to be a part of the advanced review program to enrich the site with even more unbiased, factual, honest reviews so that it can continue to grow.

After reviewing two of the toys that I have in my collection and love to death, and receiving such a warm welcome and response I can honestly say that I'm extremely excited to be considered for the advanced review program.

With that, I ask for your votes! Thanks for reading, everyone.
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DeejSteele DeejSteele
Thanks for your votes! <3
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