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Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
OH&W, Lovebears
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With the addition of INFO on the column bar on top of "Shop " page the short cut to the News and announcement page is harder to find. There are members seeking votes to gain adv reviewer status. Took me a little doing to navigate to that page.

I went to reviews in account page, then clicked reviews, then Community News is right under Reviews.

Does anyone know an easier short way ?
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Contributor: Vnessa Vnessa
It's been a little bit since I've navigated around so I haven't had a chance to notice. Thanks for the heads up. It gives me something to pay attention to over the coming days.
Contributor: BlackOrchid BlackOrchid
I don't know if it's a shorter way, but I found it by going into my account dashboard, clicking on the "Review Program" link, then the link for Community News comes up there on the left hand side.