#Roundup - February 05th edition

#Roundup - February 05th edition

Gary Gary
Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Weekly Review Roundup #30!

So how are you all doing this week? Hopefully you all have something cool planned for the weekend. But, if you are any where near Philly, I hear that a blizzard is coming our way. That could be a great thing if there’s enough snow that I get out of working at my other job

Now let’s take a look at what’s been going on…

This week there’s a new interview up with the President and founder of Sportsheets, Tom Stewart. Go take a look and find out what inspired him to start his company, along with many other interesting things you probably had no idea about. You can ask questions until February 10th.

There was also a new system update this past week. No large changes, but lots of small additions and fixes. You can now delete messages in your outbox (I know many of you have been asking about this for a while). There are also some new forum features, a ticket support system for the Affiliate & Review Program is being swapped out with the old email contacts. You really should go take a look for your self.

You only have two days left if you want to enter the Lelo contest over at Eden Café. They are giving away some of those Lelo toys you have all been wanting to get your hands on

Oh yeah… I put all of your suggestions & ways to Improve the Rumble, into some polls for you all to vote on. Changes will go into affect starting next Friday when I post next weeks Rumble. This will hopefully give everyone enough time to check it out and vote.

It looks like we had 222 reviews submitted this past week. This is now our 6th week in a row at 200 plus reviews. This is just great! I hope that we can keep this number up above 200 from now on!!! Keep up the good work everyone!

Ok… and now on to the sex toys. Here are this week’s 5…

Angelasbits – “The Girl Next Door Grows Up” - a review of the Fetish PVC Corset by Coquette. Welcome to the community Angelasbits! Here we have her first (off-site) review with Eden Fantasys, coupled with an appropriately timed pre-Valentines Day contest / giveaway. So go say hello, check out the review, and maybe you will be the lucky one to yell… “winner winner, chicken dinner”.

ThePornLibrarian – “Treat Yourself Right!” - a review of the Bath Therapy Sensual Body Wash by System JO. Here ThePornLibrarian takes on a sensual and relaxing journey with a sensual peppermint body wash. Now doesn’t that just paint a nice picture? She says that this body wash is body tingly and bubbly. Go take a look.

Red Roulette – “Silence is Golden” - a review of the Basic Breath-Easy Ball Gag by Leatherbeaten. Here we have an informative, and very entertaining review of a ball gag. This review even includes a basic crash course on safe words for those of you who have not yet needed to use them. Just for fun, I think that you all should change your usual safeword to Popcorn, at least for the next few days!

Dangerous Lily – “It might be basic, but it still rocked his world.” - a review of the Fleshlight Non-Descript masturbator by Fleshlight. Hey wait a minute, wasn’t there a Fleshlight in last weeks Roundup? Yes there was. Fleshlight is badass, and that is reason enough to include it again… BUT, this review talks about how Bizarre and Creepy the Superskin feels, and then later references having sex with a shampoo bottle. So this is definitely a fun review that you should definitely take a look at!

TwiggY – “Don't know if this is for your average couple.” - a review of the The XXXorcist dvd by Burning Angel. This is one of the few XXX movies out that I have been wanting to see. TwiggY tells about this porno spoof is kind of bizarre and even features a scene where there is “green slime coming out of the possessed girls pussy”. Now go take at the review, and order your own copy of the XXXorcist to watch on Valentines Day!

That’s it for this week folks. Have a great weekend!
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Congrats everyone
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Congrats, everyone - and great roundup!!!
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Congrats on the reviews everyone!!
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