#Roundup - March 05th edition

#Roundup - March 05th edition

Gary Gary
Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Weekly Review Roundup #34!

Did you hear? Did you see? Eden Fantasys made a sex toy! That’s right, and it’s called the Kissa. It’s textured, glass, waterproof, unique, and stars in its very own video, go to a look for yourself!

On Community Interview this week we have Suki Dunham, founder the Ohmibod. There are already a ton of questions, so you better go ask yours soon before interview page explodes from the overload. It will not really explode, but seriously go ask some questions! It will be fun!

There’s a contest going on over at Eden Café this week. They are giving away this new toy called the Kissa. Now I don’t know if you heard much about this toy, but here is your chance to win one of your very own.

This week the programmers released System Update #196. It includes a number of fixes, updates, and even a few new features. Go take a look at the forum thread for more AWSOME details!

Well, I must say you all have done excellent job this week submitting 232 reviews! That’s two weeks in a row now. Let’s keep up the good work and see if we break our old record and go 8 weeks over 200. Plus there is always that other record you could work on breaking if like, the record 257 reviews in one week. To be honest with you, at this rate I could see breaking both!

Ok… and now on to the sex toys. Here are this week’s 5…

winechick84 – “Easy and reliable” – a review of the Pocket Exotics Bullet by California Exotics. Welcome to the community Winechick84! Here we have her first review on this ‘Exotic’ Bullet. She suggests that since this toy is so inexpensive, you may want to buy extras just in case so you are never left without one. Being small, reliable, and discreet her review tells out about how this might be a great choice for many situations.

Angelasbits – “Set the mood and excite the senses” – a review of the Earth Scents Incense Set by Bell-Roma Candles. Here we a review on a 20 piece incense set. Angelasbits tells us that it is inexpensive, not over powering, and also not too smoky. If you would like to know more, then stroll on over to her blog and read the rest of the review.

Rayne – “I still say it’s gray” – a review of the Iconic Duckie discreet massager by Jimmyjane. Rayne tells us about how, although a little noisy, this little duck shaped massager is adorable, discreet, small, waterproof, and most importantly… it is gray! If you would like to know more about how gray this Duckie is, or anything else, go take a look at the review.

Eroticbostonian – “Margarita Bubbly: A Decadent Treat” – a review of the Climax Gems Margarita Bubbly traditional vibrator by Topco Sales. Wow, this is a really cool liking vibrator! Eroticbostonian tells us that this is discreet, inexpensive, and despite being made out of Jelly is very much worth picking up. If you would like to know more about this toy, and what its bumpy texture feels like, you are going to have to go read the review.

Coupling Couple – “Good name for a good time!” – a review of the Bendable Destroyer realistic dildo by Doc Johnson. Ok, now just the product title alone insinuates something ginormous and intimidating; the Bendable Destroyer. Somehow when it comes the idea of placing things inside you… anything with the word Destroyer in the title should probably raise some red flags; unless you born without survival instincts. You can pretty safely assume without even reading the review or looking at what this toy looks like… it is not for beginners. Now you know you want to go read the review!!!

That’s it for this week folks. Have a great weekend everyone!
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MuffysPinguLove MuffysPinguLove
Congrats everyone! I'm so excited for my Kissa to arrive! Thanks for pointing out the video Gary
Gary Gary
Originally posted by MuffysPinguLove
Congrats everyone! I'm so excited for my Kissa to arrive! Thanks for pointing out the video Gary
You are very welcome!
Victoria Victoria
Yay for EF with the cute little Kissa!!! And kick ass everyone on the 232 reviews! And kudos programmers for updates! And whoa, Suki, over 90 questions on your interview already!

Another killer week!
Sammi Sammi
Congrats, everyone!
~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
If this week is Sunday-Friday I wrote 10 reviews this week .
~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
Or is it Thursday to Thursday?
Rayne Millaray Rayne Millaray
Hey, thanks, Gary. And congratulations to everyone else!
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