#Roundup - May 01st edition

#Roundup - May 01st edition

Victoria Victoria
Oops, what happened to last week? Well, let’s play catch up!

We had about 160 total reviews come in this week and almost a third of those are Follow Up reviews – awesome! I am so glad the Follow Ups are increasing and very very soon, they will be listed on the new reviews list too!

Our eighth voting thread finished this week, congrats again to our 12 (!!!) new Advanced Level reviewers! Wow – that’s the biggest group to be voted in yet!

The ninth voting batch is up and has been put into 4 groups on 4 separate voting polls. These polls are open for votes until Tuesday, May 5th at 7:30pm – get to voting!

This week’s fab funny five are:

Cinnamon Chambers is back with a vengeance – and she’s not just reviewing the toys you stick into places this week! Nope, she’s been partying. And her review of the realistic and udderly squeezable Tension Titty – think boobalicious stressball – makes me wonder...is that a titty in her husband’s pocket or he just happy to see you?

Sometimes things do not live up to our expectations...sometimes what looked so cool turns out to be a disappointment – and man, it sucks when that happens. But that didn’t stop Carrie Ann from trying to make the best of it – from getting her Taylor to quite literally be a tailor and fix the busted seam of this unisex Straitjacket by Pipedream. Even when that wasn’t going to be enough to make it work for her, she wrote a wry and thorough review - and did a funny video (co-starring Jenna Jameson!) on her blog. She’s often fit to be tied (*wink*) but she’s also a damn good sport!

I think everyone knew this review would be in the round up from the moment they laid eyes on its content. Mannequin lover's rejoice! It’s detailed, it’s crazy, it’s Yeti’s very graphic review of his night with Tera Patrick. His review of the Tera Ultra Erotic Love Doll is both thorough and ridiculous – it’s a long review and there are a lot of photos, but it’s so worth the read. Trust me, I was there.

Average Joe dares you to be dangerous with his review of this Leather Hood with leash. I was intrigued by his adjectives, he says “the hood looks menacing, threatening, wicked, and slightly psychotic”... I was hoping for a little more personal experience but nevertheless, loved the review. Maybe that hood brings out Average Joe’s dark side...heehee.

“Hello... Hello? This is Doctor Octopus calling...” Baby Sinead is adorable in her photo talking on her Tentacle phone...that aside, her review of this gorgeous Tentacle dildo by Whipspider tells all the octo-freaks out there get their seamonster sex on. Hang up your “gone fishin” (or g-spotting!) sign ‘cause quality orgasms are the catch of the day!

Which others were your favorites this week?

Keep on getting off, ya’ll!
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Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
I live to entertain.

Jenna is now hanging on a hook on the back of my closet door, still in the straitjacket, still scaring the crap out of me 8 times out of 10 when I go in the closet.

Yanno... The broad will just NOT deflate.
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
Oh! One of my favs was the Porn Librarian's review of that ToiTissue box. Very nifty!
Sammi Sammi
lol - there were some great reviews this week, but I have to say Yeti's took the cake. That was one of the funniest things I've ever read!
Cinnamon Chambers Cinnamon Chambers
Thanks for the mention!!!! It was fun partying...now reality has set in.
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