#Roundup - April 17th edition

#Roundup - April 17th edition

Victoria Victoria
We had about 120 total reviews come in this week.

Our sixth voting thread finished this week, congrats again to our 11 (!!!) new Advanced Level reviewers!

The seventh voting batch is up and has been put into 4 groups on 4 separate voting polls. These polls are open for votes until Tuesday, April 21st at 7:30pm – get to voting!

This week’s five faves:

Buttercup McGee gives great description and ample warning in her review of Female Submission: The Journals of Madelaine. Not into very vividly written tales of cock-induced vomiting? Maybe skip that whole part...

If Julietta tries to give you a lacy bonnet, it’s the leftovers from this cute Chamber Maid costume by Fantasy Lingerie. Although she thinks the hat is grandma-esque, she assures us that the outfit is super sexy!

Lollie reviews this very flexible Climax Silicone EZ Bend Spiral Shaft by Topco. It’ll bend over backwards to please you!

How could I not laugh at the wordplay in this one? Red Roulette “busts a nut” in this cutesie Hentai Acorn masturbator. Although he says it’s less acorn and “more like a rubbery, pink hand grenade with vaginal lips at the bottom”. Heehee.

Red’s very visual review describes the many ways that she wears the Mr. Right packing strap – whether in a skirt or jeans, it holds up. Her lines about being mistaken for shoplifting prior to using the strap and the part about slapping her husband’s balls with her packing cock made me giggle.

Which others were your favorites this week?

Wishing you all a warm and wild weekend – the sun is shining outside my window, time to play!
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Sammi Sammi
I like Sir's review of the Hearts Leather whip.
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
I can't get past Red's packing strap review to remember any others. I LOVED that one!
Red Red
@Carrie Ann, you're a sweatheart. It's probably the most fun I've had with a review.

Anyways, I really liked Jimbo's "Screw" review this week! link
Jimbo Jones Jimbo Jones
Thanks, Red I appreciate the comment.
I really enjoyed that packing strap review as well.
I liked Red Roulette's Acorn review too.
I guess the Reds were really on the money this week.
Backseat Boohoo Backseat Boohoo
Red's packing strap review made me giggle; I also loved the shoplifting part!
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