Advanced anal toys offering stretch, fullness and heft (weight)

Advanced anal toys offering stretch, fullness and heft (weight)

permitdrab permitdrab
In the past two months, I have heavily delved into anal toys. Prior to this my only experience was a vibrator with a 1.25” bulbous head and a small and relatively uninteresting prostate stimulator.

In the past two months, I have acquired the following toys, in the listed order:
-Rocks Off Rude Boy
-Pure Plug 2.0
-Tantus Severin Large – Not listed on EF, but 2.18” max diameter, 1.25” neck diameter
-Pure Pfun Plug
-Tantus Ripple Large
-Tantus Severin Medium

The order of the above toys certainly exhibits that my eyes were larger than my sphincters initially. However, I trained up and can accommodate all of the above toys with relative ease now. The Pure Plug 2.0 and Severin Large are my favorites. This is not a surprise, since I have discovered that I crave a sensation of stretch/presence/weigh t in my ass. I wear the Pure 2.0 for hours, constant reminded my the pressure on my inner sphincter. Feeling myself clench around a large presence like the Severin Large in my ass while cumming is the best sensation I have discovered for years. I really want to explore this as far as I reasonably can.

I have been looking at review and details of various toys in order to determine my next move and I am hoping from some input from others who share my anal interests.
-A-Bomb is appealing because it is Tantus quality and offers a tapered stretch up to a 2 ¼” max diameter. However, that is slightly less than the Severin Large and the neck is only 1 ¼” according to EF. I’m not sure if the 1 lb weight is accurate. That would mean it weighs twice as much as the Severin Large, which would be wonderful if true.
-Ringo is the same max diameter as the A-Bomb, but the additional length offers a more gradual taper. Depending on whether the Tantus specs or EF specs are accurate (?) the additional length isn’t any longer than the A-Bomb. I’m guessing it is longer, which concerns me since I’m not into length. The additional ½” of neck diameter is very appealing, however. I’m not sure why it is listed as only half the weight as the A-Bomb though.
-Tristan 2 is one of the toys exciting me the most because the max diameter if 2” doesn’t seem to decrease much in the neck. The specs don’t specify, but the images seem to suggest it’s over a 1 ¾” neck. I’d love a 2” neck personally, but this seems to get closest. The low weight concerns me that this plug might be hollow. Wish I could have some heft too.
-Sasha Grey Signature Plug Large appears to have a wonderful maximum diameter, but the neck diameter looks like it decreases too much in the pictures. I’d like it to keep me opened up beyond 1 ½” at least, but the specs don’t specify.
Here are some other options I found, but they’re not particularly of the specs I’m looking for. However, if anyone has comments, I’m interested:
-Super Big End
-Rear Enders Pleasure Tree – Depending on the length to get to the maximum diameter, this might be a problem for me.
-Inflatable butt plugs – These wouldn’t offer any weight, but I guess I could fill to my hearts content. Would this create the fullness I crave?

Essentially, I’m looking for the maximum stretch/presence beyond the Severin Large. As much weight as possible is desirable, but not as important. I’m afraid that I’m becoming a size queen faster than I could have imagined, but the feeling of fullness I’ve been enjoying is incredibly pleasurable due to the emptying of my prostate. I’ve found that I can stimulate my prostate more adequate through this fullness, rather than the applied pressure of a prostate stimulator.

I appreciate any assistance provided on my quest for ecstasy!
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CafeSabroso CafeSabroso
Originally posted by permitdrab
In the past two months, I have heavily delved into anal toys. Prior to this my only experience was a vibrator with a 1.25” bulbous head and a small and relatively uninteresting prostate stimulator.

In the past two months, I have acquired the ...
Take a look at the Sexy Spades Large plug. It's similar in max diameter to the Sasha Grey, but with a thicker neck. Unfortunately, the large circular base of the Spades becomes uncomfortable after a while. Also, I have an A-bomb and you should know that it's bigger than the specs listed; it's actually about 2.5" in diameter.
ScottA ScottA
I'd say A-Bomb and/or Sexy Spades Large/Sasha Grey large (very similar toys). The glass toys have more heft, and the A-Bomb does a great job of prostate stimulation.
permitdrab permitdrab
Thanks for the replies. I ordered the A-Bomb today and I'm excited! Based on reviews (ScottA's being one of them) I think the Sasha Grey Large may be coming next.
ScottA ScottA
Don't be surprised if you have trouble getting the A-Bomb in. It's the hardest to insert plug I own. It's worth it, though -feels great inside, but I generally use the Sasha Grey large to warm up for it.
Clandestine Clandestine
Congratulations on your purchase of the A-Bomb. Don't be frustrated if you can't get it in on the first few tries. It took me several attempts over the course of a week to finally get it in, and it was overwhelming when I finally succeeded... A strange mix of pleasure and density.

For a silicone toy, it certainly is weighty, though it isn't quite as heavy feeling as the Njoy 2.0. Still, it's a great addition for when you want something big but made of a safe material. It's the largest I think I want to go.
CafeSabroso CafeSabroso
Good choice with the A-bomb. I'd agree with previous commenters that it takes some effort to get in, but is quite worth it. We should seriously start an A-bomb club.
godweensatan godweensatan
Tristan 2 is great, my next is the A bomb. I wish there were some more options for circumferences in the 6.5-8in range on Eden.
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