All Your Anal Info Are Belonging to Us!

All Your Anal Info Are Belonging to Us!

Rayne Millaray Rayne Millaray

So recently, I reviewed this book for another toy company. Prior to reading this book, pretty much all of my knowledge surrounding anal sex was based on rumor and conjecture. I'd never really sought out the advice of a professional.

The book's written by a doctor with the intent of doing away with the stigma surrounding anal sex. And it debunks quite a few anal myths that I've heard around the community.

For example, Mr. Morin says that generally speaking, people who've had to have things removed from their bum were overzealous in their thrusting, and tensed up too much for the object of their choice to exit their rump in the usual way. He says that while it's possible to build up the sort of suction required to suck a toy out of your hand, it's rare, and healthy bowels will easily evacuate the toy. He tells the reader to relax, and just push the toy out.

He suggests starting anal play out with a thin traditional vibrator. He says something over 7 inches is too long to completely disappear into most butts, so it's fine to use something like that.

I know, right? That goes against pretty much everything I've ever heard, too!

So! Where'd you get your anal information? And what are some common anal myths that you've recently learned aren't true? Or... what are some you've heard that you aren't sure of?
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ScottA ScottA
Morin and Taormino are good. While he's right that the rectum can't "suck" toys in, what most people are describing is a toy that gets pushed far enough inside that the anal sphincters closing on it propel it inward, which can happen. If the "toy" is something that can cause damage (sharp edges, points, contains batteries (which can leak) or other chemical issues, or can get lodged (big or long and stiff or not rounded edges) then you can have problems, but Morin is right - for most cases of "lost toys" relaxing and waiting a bit is the best route to take. If it's the next day and the toy still hasn't come out then you can get worried.

There are also some good websites out there, but you do need to be careful. Sex isn't always a reputation-boosting field for researchers, so there's a lot of hearsay and little research out there about sexual issues, especially anal issues. There's some stuff in the Morin book that I'd really like to see more data on (Morin does pretty clearly indicate the stuff that's just based on his observations. What I'd really like to see more on is his preliminary observation that anal awareness helps some GI problems).
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