Anal Plugs

Anal Plugs

dyrect dyrect
My girlfriend wants to start experimenting with anal penetration, but everytime I try it seems to hurt her a lot, I heard anal plugs is the best for this. But how long does she have to leave the anal plug in her anus before shes ready for the anal penetration.
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Sir Sir
Anal plugs do not necessarily help with easier penetration - they simply give a full feeling in the tush. I highly suggest a good lubricant, and perhaps even using a smaller dildo with a good-sized base to work your partner up to penetration, as opposed to a plug. A plug may open your partner up more and make penetration less painful, but it also might not. Work-up with a dildo is a much better idea, I personally feel.

If you DO use the plug route, you will want to leave the plug in for as long as is comfortable for your partner. There is not a "set time" to which the plug can or should be left in - the general area of time that you'll want to leave it in for is based off of the material of the plug.
Crystal_Rose Crystal_Rose
Slender vibrating dildos or plugs are also a very good idea, as the vibrations will "ease' the way by forcing the sphincter muscle to relax which will make the experience far less uncomfortable. I'm a huge fan of anal play, but even I don't want anything to do with anal toys if they don't vibrate if the point of them is to get me off.

The Silicon Flexi-Power Rod is an amazing toy that I feel would be a great beginner's toy as well, but any slender vibrating dildo or probe would work. If you go with a plug, make sure its a small one, but I agree with Sir in that warm up with a dildo instead might work out better.

Have her take a hot bath or a long soak in the shower first to help her relax. If she has never played with anal toys, then encourage her to experiment on her own first. She needs to be comfortable with her own body first before she will relax enough with you. Anal play can be an emotional experience for many. Even though she's willing to try it with you, for her first time, it might be better if she was alone or at the very least you just watched rather than participated.

Tristan Taormino's book, The Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex For Women, is a great book about anal play and anal sex. I highly recommend getting it. There is a lot of valuable information in it.

Keep in mind though that during anal penetration, whether with a toy or through intercourse, she will need clitoral stiimulation as well, if the experience is to be enjoyable. A bullet is a great way to go about that as that nifty little toy will be a great way to distract her during the initial stretching. Either the Golden Nugget (my personal favorite) or the Xtreme Pack G-Spot bullet are really good choices, or any other bullet that strikes her/your fancy.

Good luck... and remember, lots of lube, lots of foreplay, take it very slow, and most importantly, have fun!
ScottA ScottA
Anal toys and fingers are good because they allow you to realize the pleasure you can get from the anal area and also provide a graduated way for you to learn to relax. Expect to take a long time before you as a couple can do penis-anal sex, and don't put the pressure on her. Start with a finger or small toy, perhaps even just rubbing around the outside of the anus (use lube and short fingernails!), with the understanding that you won't expect anything. Then move slowly and see what develops.

Going down on her while you do this sometimes helps her to relax and enjoy.
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