Are There Any DP Toys That Don't Suck?

Are There Any DP Toys That Don't Suck?

I guess using 3 toys is good hand exercise, but it gets old. I keep trying to find a decent DP or triple-stim vibe, because the concept seems handy, but so far, not impressed.

For some reason they all have really small shafts (one or both.) Not sure why manufacturers assume that if you like anal stimulation you also like tiny penises, or if you manage to get a DP vibe with a decent penile shaft the anal part is all dinky. Not to mention the majority seem to be jelly, which means condoms, which don't work well on little shafts... *sigh*

Crystal Flex isn't bad overall, though I'd prefer a larger anal stimulator. Otherwise, afraid I've tried or eliminated most at Eden, just a couple more maybes. Anyone ever run across a decent DP or triple-stim vibe somewhere? (If you are pointing me to another site, just PM it.)

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Rossie Rossie
It's hard to find a DP toy that will fit a specific person's anatomy. Most people just use their favorite dildo/vibe/anal plugs instead of one toy to work in both receptacles.
Ghost Ghost
A lot of the DP toys are kind of "meh". I use the liberator bon-bon to hold one toy while I hold another toy, or I bring in reinforcement (my husband).
PassionCpl PassionCpl
I've yet to find one toy that does both well. As above, I have to juggle two or get hubby to help
Nod, kinda figured that was the case, but thought I'd ask in case I was missing some big secret. Thanks all.

After so many years of sex toys being made & so many thousands of them out there, I'm always surprised when there are still so many gaps with certain styles of vibes. (DP, triple stimulation, rabbits with a shorter rabbit/clit stimulator or an adjustable one... etc.) I may have to become a sex toy inventor. Hehe.
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