Beginning for Two... Which would be better

Beginning for Two... Which would be better

BBW Talks Toys BBW Talks Toys 12/08/2010

My Mister is a beginner/intermediate at anal play. We have some beads and a vibrator for him. I'm finally getting up the courage to try anal play myself and I am pretty sure that I cannot handle something more than a finger, but I'm not a fan of digits in that orifice. So I'm looking for a beginner's plug that would work well for both of us. I have two picked out, but if you think there might be something else that would be good, feel free to suggest it. Keep in mind that since we are both intending to use it, I'm sticking to pure silicone so we can sanitize it before the other party gets the chance to use it.

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BBW Talks Toys BBW Talks Toys
I know these are very similar, but there are slight variances in size and shape.
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BBW Talks Toys BBW Talks Toys
I know there are topics on this already, but they don't all have the same products used...
Envy Envy
The Lil End looks like it would stay better, the Flirt is tapered and would more than likely be pushed out.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Of the two the Lil End would be my pick. Seems a lot of people like the Plug of lust small as well, it might stay in better.
LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
Honestly, I think you'll find little difference or advantage from either one of these products. They are both silicone and the design is essentially the same. I chose the Lil End because it's cheaper, that's the only advantage it has over the other one.
ToyGeek ToyGeek
As Laurel said, those two are extremely similar, so you might as well go for the cheaper option!
Rockin' Rockin'
If you are just warming up to anal play, the Little Flirt might be a better choice because it is smooth. It's true that it likely won't stay in as well as the Lil' End, but that might not be what you're wanting anyway. If you are trying to get used to having something in your butt, I'd want to start with a toy that was super easy to put in and take out so there'd be no bumps/ridges for me to worry about. But that's me. If you'd rather have a plug that stayed in, so you could do other things and *forget* that you have something in your butt, the Lil' end might work better for ya.

I also recommend the Bootie, and the Tantus Eaze, for if/when you want something a little wider (but still soft/flexible).
Kindred Kindred
I would vote for the Plug of lust small. It has a 1" diameter and a 1/2" neck, so it will stay in better. It's still made of silicone and is cheaper than either of the two you are considering. Realistically, if you decide you like anal play, none of these toys will last long because they're so small so you might as well get the least expensive option.

Also, if your partner is a beginner/intermediate in anal play, I'm guessing none of these will do much for him. Do you have a small dildo that you can play with first? Just be sure it has a flared base for safety.
BBW Talks Toys BBW Talks Toys
Originally posted by Kindred
I would vote for the Plug of lust small. It has a 1" diameter and a 1/2" neck, so it will stay in better. It's still made of silicone and is cheaper than either of the two you are considering. Realistically, if you decide you like ...
No, my two dildos are too big for anal play for ME and even hubby. One is not really designed for anal play and the other one is glass and it's one I have no intention of sharing! (the Amethyst I just reviewed)
BBW Talks Toys BBW Talks Toys
Thanks everyone. I'm going to run this by My Mister and try to make a decision!

bb63 bb63
i love the li'l end
Danielle1220 Danielle1220
The Lil End for me
P'Gell P'Gell
These are some good starter plugs. I have to be honest, I'm a clean freak when it comes to toys and as these are not that expensive, my personal opinion is it is probably best to each have your own.

Love Pacifier

Plug of Lust, small although we found I outgrew it after about 6 months of use. Orion also makes this in a large.

Crystal Cote butt plug

although it is TPR Silicone, it has the finger feel, rather than the teardrop shape. I've just come to like this plug recently, but I do prefer the teardrop shape myself.

The Crystal cote stays in the best during PIV, if you were looking for that use of the plug, too.
naughtyjo naughtyjo
P'Gell-- great suggestions!
Eliza Eliza
I think the gray one would probably be the best too. It looks like it's thinner, which would be good since you're just beginning, but I haven't actually used either of them.
Anjulie Anjulie
I'm partial to the little flirt, but it was my first, so i am probably biased
LavenderSkies LavenderSkies
Originally posted by BBW Talks Toys
I know these are very similar, but there are slight variances in size and shape.
Lil end
ichwillwaffels ichwillwaffels
Originally posted by BBW Talks Toys
I know these are very similar, but there are slight variances in size and shape.
lil end seems like it'd be a bit more comfortable for a beginner
sarki sarki
Li'l End
K101 K101
Lil' flirt is very pretty, but I voted for the Lil' End because it seems smaller and smaller would always be a good idea for someone whos never done it. I haven't ever had anything in my booty, but if I decided to, I would definitely think going with smaller is the best and then work your way up.
ToyBoy ToyBoy
I would go with the lil end, and you may want to consider the tantus slim as it has a very gradual shaft with a somewhat pointed end, making insertion quite easy
VampKitten VampKitten
I would stick with the Li'l End. I bought one like the Little Flirt for my first, but my boyfriend at the time surprised me with something more like the Li'l End. Personally, I preferred the one he bought!
Dawn (Lilac Distraction) Dawn (Lilac Distraction)
I'm looking for the same thing. It's weird because I'm so experienced with everything else and the boyfriend and I are looking to start trying anal things.
ichigostrawberry ichigostrawberry
The li'l end. More gradual, I think.
The Little Flirt looks a little bit bigger, but it's the one that I would personally choose. I'm not too experienced with anal, but I think I would get bored with the smaller one after a few times.
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
i like the little flirt personally. but both seem very non threatening
ScottA ScottA
Get some gloves and play around with a finger, since that's about the size of these plugs. After a couple of times you'll find out if you're likely to want to go a bit bigger, and if you do want something bigger you won't have bought a toy that's now too small.
ichigostrawberry ichigostrawberry
The li'l end looks best.
The Mother of a SiNner The Mother of a SiNner
Originally posted by BBW Talks Toys
I know these are very similar, but there are slight variances in size and shape.
lil end gray just the one i have experiance with
thebest thebest
lil end
richsam richsam
The li'l end
Brandonn Brandonn
BlooJay BlooJay
Lil end
crazycouple7281 crazycouple7281
Lil end
Kappa8564 Kappa8564
love pacifier
mjtheprincess mjtheprincess
Good luck and happy anal experiencing! you will love it in no time!
Why Not? Why Not?
Of the two I would say the flirt because it is tapered in both directions verses the lil end that had a step to hold it in place. When starting out I would think it would be nice to have a toy that slides in and out easily. Once you got used to the girth it could be good for light thrusting whereas the lil end seems more like a put it in and leave it in kind of plug. Just a thought.
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