Best way of storing/cleaning anal toys?

Best way of storing/cleaning anal toys?

mistressg mistressg
I am entirely new to the world of anal toys, I just got a beginner kit (silicone, of course, safe as can be). I've yet to use it, I'm a bit intimidated, but now this raises some questions for me. I'm wondering, what is the most sanitary way to care for anal toys? I live in a shared space so boiling is out of the question, but what is the best way to keep them as clean as possible? Also, what would be the best way to keep them stored?

Keep in mind, I am very infection prone, Plus, I just ordered a Devine Playchest and a Devine corset box. I would be willing to order a pouch just for this kit as well, to keep them from touching non-anal toys.

Any suggestions or tips?
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Kindred Kindred
If it is an anal only toy, you can simply clean it with anti-bacterial soap or a toy cleaner. If you are really concerned about germs, you can use a 10% bleach solution. Storage is up to you. Most people like to store silicone in some sort of pouch since the material tends to collect lint/dust. Either a cloth pouch or Ziploc bag works fine. Usually pure silicone toys can be stored together safely, but many advocate storing them individually to prevent possible material interactions.
ScottA ScottA
A wash in the sink with soap and water is probably just fine - after all, the relatively few germs left on the toy will just be going back where they came from. If that isn't enough, or if you're sharing, then a 10% bleach spraydown, soak and rinse (with water) will take care of it.

Afterwards toss them in the toybox, provided you don't have any yucky toys (jelly, TPR, TPE). A bag can be used.

Sometimes silicone anal toys pick up a bit of a smell. This is similar to the way Tupperware picks up red from tomato products. It's still clean, but a bit smelly. If you're concerned you can put it in a Ziploc.
cj89 cj89
i use liquid antibacterial soap and water. but everyone else hits it on the head, just put it in the drawer away from innocent eyes (lol) and keep it away from anything else so it doesnt get ruined.
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