Can't Decide on Toy

Can't Decide on Toy

Veraga Veraga
I'm a male and rather new to anal but I have done finger play. I find the position awkward however and decided to look for a toy. I managed to narrow down the list to 4 dildos. Though other recommendations are more than welcome.

Silk Medium
Mistress Vibe Kit

I like the acute because of the angle for p-spot, but the base worries me. Ideally I'd like something with a decent base so I can sit on it and rock hands-free, but can also be used for thrusting. That brings up the Curve and its base, which looks substantially better than the acute. My big worry about the Curve is the 1 3/8" diameter.

The Silk Medium has a decent base but I'm not sure if it has enough curve to it.

The Mistress Vibe Kit has a bullet included and what looks like a decent base. I was intrigued about this one because of the included vibrator, which gives the toy multiple uses. Though at 6 1/2" insertable, that has me worried it might be too much to begin with for a toy.
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Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
I would be very surprised if you managed to disappear the Acute. The base isn't the biggest but it's not that weak. For hands-free I'd recommend a two-sided suction cup.

My main con against the Acute is that personally the texture of the silicone doesn't feel great anally - vaginally it's the best thing under the sun. A bit more drag - just like skin has would make it more interesting for me. it might be helpful to watch Kindred's comparison of the two.
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