Cleaning: do you use special disinfectants?

Cleaning: do you use special disinfectants?

Arlinnae Arlinnae
Do you use special desinficients for cleaning your toys, or do you just use alcohol/boiling?
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TheirPet TheirPet
Sometimes I use a 10% bleach solution but a lot of the time I just use antibacterial soap and warm water. Almost all of my toys are silicone.
Bill220 Bill220
I use hot tap water and antibacterial soap. I have a mix of glass, silicone and PVC toys. And if I'm using silicone lube with the glass toys, I'll rinse them, hit them with glass cleaner and then use antibacterial soap. The silicone lube is tough to get off sometimes.
Robespierrethecat Robespierrethecat
I have exclusively silicone toys, and I just wash them with antibacterial soap.

I will probably boil them if I need to /seriously/ clean them.
ScottA ScottA
If it came out of me and is going back into me then I usually use water and soap (plain soap, not antibacterial). Antibacterial soap isn't necessary if the toy is nonporous and can contribute to bacterial resistance and (if not cleaned off) sensitivity to the chemical. For a nonporous toy you can get almost all of the stuff and beasties off with a soapy scrub that you'll get off with anything antibacterial anyway.

I don't use jelly/rubber/porous type toys because you can't ever really clean them, and using chemicals on them can be dangerous because they can get into the toy and then into your butt. Use condoms if you use porous toys.

When I want it extra clean I sanitize - and for that the only effective options for the average home are bleach water (after washing - if you don't wash the bleach will be used up by other organics on the toy and possibly not kill all the bugs) or boiling. This is also a good protocol for going anal -> vaginal with a toy from yourself or a fluid bonded partner.

If I were sharing toys with someone else I'd sterilize. Either borrow an autoclave or run the toys through a pressure cooker - 10-15 minutes at 15 lbs pressure. Don't mess around with STDs.
ASpiritedSlut ASpiritedSlut
From one use to the next, I just wash it thoroughly with hot water and antibacterial (for anal, vaginal I use regular) soap. If I'm sharing or storing long term I boil. I occasionally go through and boil all my toys for good measure.
Why Not? Why Not?
Soap and hot water between most uses and then I boil when I need to. I don't, however, have cause to share so that influences my cleaning practice.
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