Cleaning in preparation for anal play?

Cleaning in preparation for anal play?

spiceboy spiceboy
I've been lurking around the forums trying to absorb as much information as I can before trying any kind of anal play for myself, but everyone seems to tiptoe around the subject of what cleansing precautions are usually taken. Don't be discreet! I want to know what to do and what to expect. My familiarity with that region begins and ends at the toilet... not a very intriguing start to my exploration.
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Ghost Ghost
A lot of people will use an anal douche, but not with plain water! You can google a butt-friendly recipe. Generally this involves shooting the solution up your posterior and then draining it back out. People do this over the toilet, or just do the entire thing in the shower.

My problem is that most of the douches are made with terrible (rubber, pvc, etc.) materials that I don't want to use. Pipedream has a new one made of silicone (seriously!) that looks really nice (link) and should be coming out soon. Hopefully Eden will carry it!
Coralbell Coralbell
I don't do any special cleaning before anal play and I have never had any mess during anal sex with a partner. The only time there has ever been any is if I'm using toys with lots of texture. They seem to pick up any tiny particles that might be left behind in there. Other than little particles, there really shouldn't be any feces inside the rectum, unless you are just about to have a bowel movement.
ScottA ScottA
#1 thing: become aware of how your gut works. Start paying attention to when things tend to move around, because it generally is kind of periodic. Use this awareness to figure out times to play and times to avoid.

When you want to play, check things out first. Use a finger or a toy to see if you're clean. If you are, then nothing to worry about. If not then try and go. If it still doesn't work than try other ways to clean out.

Elnoa recommends against plain water, but for the most part plain water is better than most mixes out there. There is some evidence that a PEG-something solution (a similar compound to what's in Miralax) is easiest on the colon, but water is better than soap, commercial chemical mixes, vinegar or lemon juice (yes, believe it or not, I've seen these recommended somewhere... they're potentially dangerous and can cause colitis). If you have the time a pinch of salt and soda (don't use too much!) will make the water more "butt friendly", but I'd only use one of these three solutions (PEG (never tried), water, or salt+soda). Only use as much as you need to fill the "play area" - don't go squirting a quart up there if you don't have to.

Another alternative is glycerin suppositories. I've heard from some medical professionals on sex boards that they're gentle enough to be used a couple of times a month or so and they don't require messing with water. Just don't use bisacodyl.
Mr Dj Mr Dj
I just useenema with warm water to make sure my rectum is clean. (I just never use that extra attachment)
Gyrator Gyrator
I find a douche does the job really well. Draw a basin of warm water, lube the nozzle of the douche with a water-proof lube then simply fill the douche and squirt it in (they typically dispense about 150ml at a time which is about perfect) and expel. Repeat perhaps 10 times. I find that using the douche to put air in and expelling allows you to get rid of the last bit of water albeit rather noisily. If you are worried about the retained water allow an hour or so for the excess to be absorbed (the rectum is apparently quite good at this!)

Finish off by putting in some lube with a syringe or lube shooter. I use 4 or 5ml of Liquid Silk and 0.5 to 1ml of Pjur Original silicone.

I know some say there is no need for a prep. but I have certainly removed things in douching that I wouldn't want making an appearance in the middle of our fun!
Missmarc Missmarc
Thank you for asking this question!
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