Deciding on a new anal toy...

Deciding on a new anal toy...

thetryal thetryal
I was looking at getting an anal toy. I really wanted something beaded but not anal beads. I was looking at the Rombee link

but I also want something that has a good vibration to it. I would like to stay with silicone or glass.

any suggestions??
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Chou Wang Chou Wang
Why do you look at beaded ones it there as specific reason? I'd suggest to start with something like the ones below:

Blush UR3 Anal Starter

or a silicone alternative:
Sedeux Please

To grow up I'd suggest:
Pure Skin Player jr

The silicone alternative is:
VIP Super Soft

Much more versatile, you can't really get good penetration form beaded toys. They are more a warmup toy and I guess more suitable for ladies then men. It is really good to try different toys to get a feeling what type of anal stimulation you really like.

I've started with the Triple Ripple and I have to say that despite of a collection of around 20 toys I still like to use it now and then but it took me so long to get over the last bulb back then But what I figured out that I like to warm up with this toy as it gradually increases its bulbs and once it's fully in I enjoy the stretching and the pressure on the prostate. So it was much easier for me to get the right toys later.
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