Contributor: thestig thestig
Is it worth having an enema before anal play
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Useful topic breakdown on Anal douche:

Anal Douche VS Enema
What really is the difference? I have had a medical enema and that went on forever. It left me feeling sick and wrung out. Not a place I want to be..

What's the best anal douche?
anyone know what the best anal douche out there is?

Alright, this issue keeps coming up here at EF. We are of the mind (and know medically) that the anus and rectum are pretty clear if you don't need to

Any recommendations for your favorite anal douche?
Hey what is everyone's favorite anal douches and why? Looking to get my hubby one for his birthday!!

Douche bulb too small?
How many times do you all have to refill your douche to get completely clean? The bulb on the Ultra douche doesn't look like it holds much.
Contributor: Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
I think so. For me, at least, it makes me feel less worried and more relaxed, which makes the anal play more comfortable and fun.
Contributor: TitsMcScandal TitsMcScandal
Before toy play, no I personally don't. However, I only toy play anally when I feel 'clean'. However with anal sex, I usually do. Like Carrie Ann said, it makes me more relaxed to know that I'm clean and for the most part without worry. However, there are certain instances where I throw caution to the wind and do it without an enema too. I'd say do it though...
Contributor: Blinker Blinker
I only use enemas before anal sex with my partner. We've had the problem with a little poo residue on his cock so since then I'm paranoid about my back door being clean. Some people hate them but I think enemas are relaxing, especially if they are warm.
Contributor: ScottA ScottA
Depends on you. Some people tend to have more stuff hang around in the rectum, some people are more poop-phobic, and so on.

Personally I often use them. I have the kind of rectum that isn't always self-cleaning, and not only do I not much care for the mess I also find that it's uncomfortable. Poop gets in the way of lube, can feel uncomfortable when pushed, and rubs against the anus if it gets on the toy. A couple of small warm water or warm water with a pinch of salt enemas fixes this for me. It also seems as though taking an enema helps thin the rectal mucous a little making lubrication more effective.

Note that enemas do mess with your body a bit, and so it's best not to use them if you don't need them. How do you tell? Get a toy and some lube and try things out in the bathroom beforehand. If things get messy then take an enema, if not then you're good to go.

If you eat well and pay attention to when your body moves things around you'll be more likely to find a time when you don't need an enema. Some people wait for their body to be ready and call off anal play if it isn't. That's another route you can take, but as for me I don't want to miss some anal fun because my body isn't cooperating, so I just take the enema when I need it if my wife's ready to play.
Contributor: Yoda Yoda
For me, always. not only would I be embarrassed if poo made an appearance, but I don't want my wife to have to deal with it either. It's happened before and we got over it just fine, but I'd rather just have easy and less-mess anal sex from now on.
Contributor: BSJ BSJ
Not always a must. If it is heat of the moment and going to get my brains fucked out then no, I won't break things up to go rinse. However, if I am planning on getting laid or being on cam at all then I always ensure I flush myself out real good.

Shameless plug for a review I just wrote last night about a shower dong that connects to the shower

This device is going to be my go way of flushing my body from here on out. The bottles, tubes and all that stuff that go into buying a kit is way too expensive and the little fleet bottles from drug stores are way too small. This allows me to be in total control and not have to keep refilling tiny bottles with water.

I have gotten into the habit of drinking Pedialyte after I am done since flushing your body removes good things too such electrolytes and bacteria required for digestion. There are all kinds of methods and recipes for enemas and everyone will tell you one particular way is always better than others. Experiment with several methods and find what works best for you.

No matter how big or small the nozzle going inside you ass may be, there is no such thing as too much lube.

If you are absolutely pooanoid and fret anything ever showing up, keep some baby wipes by the bed. If anything should show simply wipe it of and continue on. Just like with everything else in life, no matter how prepared you are, shit happens.
Contributor: catalunalilith catalunalilith
thank you everyone
Contributor: Buzz Man Buzz Man
I have not really found the need for an enema, I take a shower before hand, use a finger and clean up a bit, checking for any unpleasant surprises while I am in a place that's easy to wash it off.

I also only do anything anal, when I am feeling clean and without any digestive instability.
Contributor: CamelliaGirl CamelliaGirl
I haven't yet had an enema, but I'd do it for a partner to convince them to go in me.
Contributor: te te
You can make them a fun part of your evening.
Contributor: plush1943 plush1943
Originally posted by ScottA
Depends on you. Some people tend to have more stuff hang around in the rectum, some people are more poop-phobic, and so on.

Personally I often use them. I have the kind of rectum that isn't always self-cleaning, and not only do I not much ... more
I have had anal sex with all 3 of my wife's and a couple of girlfriends and we never used an enema. Except my second wife who was a pilipina and insisted on it and that I wear a condom . Very soon after the enema we had anal sex and it was great until I withdrew from her and the condom was covered with you know what.
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
From a male perspective, I don't ask my wife to do an enema before anal sex and mostly it's not been an issue. There is the occasional residue but nothing gross.

As for me, I find it more comfortable if I have cleansed via enema before being pegged. I am taking larger and longer toys deeper in my ass than a typical penis - and I find that being cleansed makes that more comfortable.

An enema can actually make things worse if not done properly. Thanks to advice from other EF Forum members I now have a formula that works for me - it goes like this:

1. I void normally
2. I inject one small Fleet bottle of tap water, then void almost immediately (in the past I would wait 5-20 minutes)
3. I repeat 1-2 more times - until the water is running pretty clear
4. I put in a butt-plug and go about my business for about 30-60 minutes before getting into the shower
5. In the shower I take out the plug and make sure things are still clean - and replace the plug with a larger 2" glass plug.

Then I'm ready!

Spontaneous - no way, but it works for me. Sometimes when I do all of this we don't even get around to pegging - but I'm OK with that.

When we do get into pegging - I've very comfortable and enjoy the experience greatly - nothing is being jammed deep into my butt - except the dildo!

Sorry if this is TMI!