First anal toy- certain specifications i'm looking for ^^

First anal toy- certain specifications i'm looking for ^^

Mochakaboom Mochakaboom
First anal toy- certain specifications i'm looking for, maybe you guys have some suggestions.

This is will the first one I buy for the girlfriend. Looking for something small, about close to an average thumb. I don't want something hard like plastic/glass. Probably something silicone?

Suggestions please?
Thank you
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ToyGeek ToyGeek
Try the Plug of Lust Small, or the Beginner's anal kit in silicone on the front page.
Chou Wang Chou Wang
I keep reposting that one, I guess it will give you some idea. All have been personally tested

Blush UR3 Anal Starter

or a silicone alternative:
Sedeux Please

To grow up I'd suggest:
Pure Skin Player jr

The silicone alternative is:
VIP Super Soft

For Butt Plugs:

The best training of all times (after you grow out of the beginners toys):
Triple Ripple

Best Butt Plug (I guess many will agree):

And finally my personal favorite among plugs:
Gapers Organic
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