Has anyone had problems with the Tantus Ryder being sucked up?

Has anyone had problems with the Tantus Ryder being sucked up?

Lulia Lulia
My partner and I were playing with the Ryder yesterday and my first time with such a large plug and it slipped inside me!

To be fair, I am 5'11 female, my hips were elevated at angle with a wedge style pillow and he had used a decent amount of lube, and I tend to clamp down on my butt and thigh muscles like crazy when I orgasm. When I finally came down, all I could feel were the tabs twisted up inside of me.

It took him over an hour to get the plug out and my initial panic probably didn't do anything to help. The seams along the base also tore me up a bit inside and there was some blood on his hands when he finally got it out.

I am so freaked out by this. I'm assuming by how well loved it is and the amount of reviews that it isn't a common problem, but this girl has the back door closed for entry for a while.
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Mr. E Mr. E
Wow, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Scary stuff. I'm glad you were able to remove it without medical assistance.

The Ryder is quite a popular plug. The good news is that Tantus recently modified the base to make it a bit more substantial.

The new base appears considerably thicker than the base on my Ryder plug.
ScottA ScottA
I was able to get my original Ryder to slide all the way inside, though only when I was trying. The base "wings" were a little too flexible to securely hold the plug. The base twisting as it went inside was uncomfortable enough to where I figured that most people would be aware of the plug going inside, but I hadn't counted on the hard orgasm suck-up. Glad to hear Tantus has fixed this.
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