If you could only have 3 anal toys?

If you could only have 3 anal toys?

lalapetitee lalapetitee
If you had to choose your top 3 anal goodies...what would they be?

So far mine are:
1). The colt prowler
2). Ryder
3). Tantus Silk medium
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Mr Dj Mr Dj
we want more than 3 toys!
lalapetitee, if you have took a hostage of me and gave me 3 choices, i'd choose:

1) sasha grey medium
2) deluxe power infaltable whatever...
3) a lady with me
permitdrab permitdrab
It's tough to have limits! Heh...

1) Pure Plug 2.0
2) Tantus Severin Large
3) Tantus Ripple Large
Antipova Antipova
Pure Plug Medium,
Jollies Bandito.

That was a pretty hard choice, though.
Taylor Taylor
I only have two anal toys right now, the B bomb and the love pacifier advanced if I were to pick a 3rd one that I would love to try it would be the emerald explorer
Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
So far I only have the pure plug medium, but I want the romp and the Ryder.
levellc09 levellc09
1. Joe Rock
2. Ryder
3. Ripple Large
ToyBox ToyBox
Butt plugs:
1. Bootie
2. Romp
3. Ryder

1. Magnum
2. Raquel
3. Stallion (also a suction cup base, not found on this site)

Final list:
1. Bootie
2. Romp
3. Magnum
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