Prettiest anal toys: glass buttplug edition

Contributor: Roz W Roz W 03/09/2013

Really, this is about rating toys based on attractiveness. But if you have personal experiences with any of these, post those too!

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Contributor: Roz W Roz W
Feel free to include personal experiences or other suggestions!
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Contributor: evie.amor evie.amor
I really like the look of the Icicles No. 25, and the Luxotiq. The Icicles or the Pure Plug look like they'd feel the best. Stainless is gorgeous too!
Contributor: AmethystQueen AmethystQueen
The pink one of course! Strictly for its looks.
Contributor: Toy Fiend Toy Fiend
Pure plug for sure.
Contributor: MrWill MrWill
Sexy Spades.

So damn beautiful, they are amazing too
Contributor: Rossie Rossie
The sleek stainless steel Pure plug.
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Pure Plug 2.0 - hard cold steel artwork!
Contributor: eri86 eri86
Contributor: Roz W Roz W
Thanks for the responses so far!

Something I just noticed: apparently the "moon plug" was discontinued! And it was so pretty, look: link
Contributor: roskat roskat
I think the Pure Plugs are very sexy! So sleek, shiny and all business.
Contributor: LexiKitten LexiKitten
Pure Plug, definitely.
Contributor: stlouisxxx stlouisxxx
Pure Plug
Contributor: solly solly
The pure plug looks the best imo, I'd love to try one. The base on that luxotiq plug scares me though, it looks way too small! I think manufacturers should make sure to give all of their plugs a big, wide base just for extra safety.