Tantus Mr. Universe - Review

Tantus Mr. Universe - Review

permitdrab permitdrab
I got the Tantus Mr. Universe a little over a week ago. Since it isn't offered on EF (yet? I hope) I thought I'd review it here. For anyone looking for really large toys, I thought I absolutely needed to share my experiences.

This dildo is a massive toy that came with equally massive expectations. I was seeking something that would provide a powerful stretch without the giant length that comes with most extreme girth dildos. I’ve been very pleased with my experiences so far and have been left weak from the strength of the orgasms I’ve had with this toy. Recommended for any size queen/king.

-Immense size delivers extreme stretch and fullness
-More taper than is visible to the naked eye, which eases insertion
-Energy draining orgasms

-Veins can produce some drag and don’t really provide a benefit or added sensation

Due to the size of this toy and my experience so far, I see this primarily being used for an awe-inspiring anal stretch. With more experience, it is possible that it could be used for thrusting, but that would take an awful lot of effort and loosening up to the size of this dildo. I think this would be too large for most women to use vaginally.

This toy is constructed out of Tantus’s signature “platinum silicone” and has the same matte texture as the Cowboy line of toys. Its firmness is closer to Ringo than the A-Bomb, which is welcome due to its massive size. The firmness and texture were a good decision on Tantus’s part because the softer, glossy silicone of products like the Severin series would have reduced the force of the stretch.

The size goes from huge to jaw-dropping massive! Mr. Universe is phallic shaped, albeit very unrealistic due to the size. The head is barely pronounced from the shaft and there is a slight glans. Very exaggerated veins line the length of the shaft and provide deep groves, which cause slight drag. Those are not necessarily all faults, but since a toy of this size is inherently unrealistic I could do without the phallic traits. Those traits are part of the reason that I waffled when deciding whether or not to purchase the Mr. Universe. In the end, I was so attracted by the size that I went through with buying it. The head begins at over 6” circumference, flares rapidly to 8.75”, then widens to 10.25” at the base of the shaft. The 3” diameter measurement on Tantus’s website is somewhat accurate when considering that the pronounced veins cause variations in width depending on where you measure, but your body is definitely going to feel it as closer to the 10.25” circumference. The 6.5” insertable length is great because it isn’t too long.

Mr. Universe performed the intended task excellently. It requires substantial warm-up with lots of lube. I feel like I need to stock up on lube if I’m going to use this regularly since there’s so much surface area to this toy! I feel like anyone could be fisted by any sized hand once your sphincters have submitted to this, though I haven’t done so myself. This is on the size level of the toys used by the pornstars on the Anal Acrobats website!

Care and Maintenance:
It’s just as easy to clean this toy as I would have expected. Only non-silicone lubes should be used, but any lube I have used so far has washed off easily, even with the deep groves presented by the veins. I tried using oil to see if that would help me accept this challenge and the oil doesn’t appear to have caused any damage. It takes up a lot of space in my toy box, but the large flat base makes it stand up with ease.

I felt challenged, excited and very full each time so far when using Mr. Universe. My first use I warmed up with the Severin Medium, Severin Large, then the A-Bomb. I used Maximus lube and I thrusted the A-Bomb to relax both my inner and outer sphincters before moving on to the Mr. Universe. I was able to insert about half before I was overcome by the sensations and brought myself to orgasm. The second and third uses I warmed up with the Ringo first, using Probe lubricant. I lubed Mr. Universe with Liquid Silk and didn’t insert anymore than the first time, but the lubricant change made insertion smoother. For my fourth use, I warmed up with the Sasha Grey Large glass plug, then thrusted the Randy, using Probe lube on both. I shot 2 mL of Maximus with a lube shooter before heavily lubricating the Mr. Universe with Probe. When I had ¾ inserted I was overjoyed that insertion was getting easier. The stretching and fullness sensations were amazing and I cannot wait to take the whole thing. During every use the pressure on my prostate has been noticeable and has intensified the orgasms.

Rating: *****
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TitsMcScandal TitsMcScandal
I saw this at a local shop and was amazed by the girth. Bravo my good sir.
permitdrab permitdrab
That is some amazing girth. I know there are others out there likely seeking something this large and they may be on the fence about it since I haven't seen it in local shops and without trustworthy EF reviews I wasn't sure. I dug around for quite a bit online to find some reviews before I went for it. I'm feeling positive about taking it all next time
Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
Wow that thing is crazy! lol I don't think I could ever take something quite that large! Nice work!
permitdrab permitdrab
I thought a follow-up was in order, like I do for my other reviews. I've really enjoyed Mr. Universe and it's opened me up (literally) to even bigger toys. I can comfortably take it all the way to the base, then ride it aggressively. Now my sights are set above the 3.25" diameter mark. Yay!
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