The Whole Thing?

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Just got mine and it creates quite a full feeling to say the least. As far as taking the whole thing I can do all but the last bulge, I have a feeling that will take some time.
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Unicorn horn, you might as well call it that
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Originally posted by AE
Unicorn horn, you might as well call it that
There's already a toy called that.
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Originally posted by bayosgirl
Wouldn't you be....encountering poop if going that deep? Just sayin...

You asked whether you will encounter poop if "going that deep."

Short answer: Yes.

Before anal play, I usually douche my rectum with 16 ounces of pee, water or a combination. (Sometimes, I'll douche with 8 ounces, if I'm in a hurry. ) And I'll do this a few times, until I'm clean or "reasonably" so. My anal sessions would then be poop-free.

When I experimented a couple of times with 32 ounce douches, and though I thought I was clean, the sessions were never poop-free. I learned that this was because when you use more than, say, 16 oz to douche, the liquid will go higher up the rectum and encounter poop that aren't "ready" to go into the rectum and be stored for elimination.

Those "deep douches" was like starting a "mudslide" of poop from higher up in the rectum. This was why I kept encountering poop during my anal play, though I thought my rectum was clean.

So, if you or anyone plan to go "that deep" with the Cowboy, you will most likely encounter poop, especially if, as a reviewer said, you will go past the sphincter at the entrance of the Sigmoid colon.

I suppose the best way to avoid poop when using the Cowboy is to give yourself several enemas, each with a "serious" amount of liquid. And it might help to time your last meal.

I hope I was helpful. And I hope you'll decide to buy a Cowboy and play with it. (I am now considering buying one, though I know I'll need a good "clean out" to avoid poop when I go "that deep.")
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Originally posted by Rin (aka Nire)
Okay, this is just simple curiosity on my part, but my mind boggles every time I see this thing. Is it really possible to take the entirety of the Cowboy into your butt? Can anyone here do it?
My mate probably could, considering he's a 'dildo/vibrator whore', But it seems like it would hurt since the tip seems to get pointed.
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Wow, seems like a huge undertaking and challenge.
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I so want one of these!
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Oh happy day! I finally took it all...
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i would not want to...but, congrats dash.