Vibrating plugs vs non-vibrating. What's best?

Contributor: LucyPear LucyPear
Hi, guys! Need your help. I wanted to try an anal plug, and it seemed so easy until I saw how many of them are! The vibrating plugs were the ones that really stumped me - I didn't even know there were vibrating butt plugs I don't really know if I'll be okay with anal vibration
Based on your experience, what is more suitable for a beginner - vibrating or non-vibrating plug? I will be so so grateful for any insights or tips.
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Contributor: Leil@ Leil@
Have you tried other vibrating toys yet? Vibrators, bullets, eggs? If your body responds well to vibrations in general, and you enjoy them, then more likely, you'll like vibrating butt plug as well. For starters, you should choose a small size, smooth texture and shape with a tapered end, which makes insertion easier and more comfortable. For example, Anal pleaser or Backend delight.

If you're still afraid to begin with a vibrating plug, start with a non-vibrating one. There are a lot of petite options, which are great and not intimidating for those who have zero experience in using butt plugs. Something like Booty toy or Classic butt blug could be a perfect fit.

No matter which option (vibrating or not) you will choose, don't forget to warm youself up before insertion a toy and use a lot of lubricant for the most pleasurable and safe anal play!
Contributor: Soundside46 Soundside46
It is just my personal preference but between the two I will always go with the non-vibrating option. But go with one that can do both. You can always not turn the vibrations on and use it as a regular plug.
Contributor: Kitt Katt Kitt Katt
Either way For a beginner, it's important to chose something in an adequate size. If you get something too small it won't do anything for you. If you start too large, you won't use it.

As far as vibe or not, you can try both.
A vibrating plug can always be turned off.
And you can also hold a vibrator against a non vibrating plug to see if it works for you.
Contributor: SoloRebel SoloRebel
Size and comfort are important. You want to feel it and enjoy it; not be uncomfortable. For a beginner; I’d recommend something non-vibrating and not too big. I’ve tried and have several, but this is my go to...

Mood Naughty
Contributor: Croc Croc
depends on your budget and body

there are metal, glass, silicone, BPs, so you'd probably want to buy one type each to see what you prefer more. Different kinds require diferent lubes.

Consider if you are going to wear it every day or just before sex, the duration is important.
I read somewhere they make plugs you can let gases out through if you are wearing the whole day.

Advice: if you have limited money and can only buy one, aim to buy vibrating plugs/dildos/etc. Even if you don't like vibrations, you can always use them just as is. However, non-vibrating won't move on their own