Are double dildos sturdy?

Are double dildos sturdy?

fun2011 fun2011
Share XL
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I want to invest in the Share XL but i want sumthn sturdy and not too flexible. Is thos the right toy for me?
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ginainohio ginainohio
me and my girl was wondering the same thing are they worth it
haha haha
I haven't used this one, but at least the juncture is very floppy. Had fun standing in the sex shop flopping it around at my partner

If you want a stiff one, you might try a feeldoe. Sometimes we think it is too stiff for us, so we might go this direction next.
ScottA ScottA
Ask yourself how stiff you really want. A stiff dildo can't move around as much during use, so if you're not lined up just right it's either popping out of one partner or uncomfortable.

The Share will probably need a hand to line it up and hold it during insertion, but once in place it should be useable handsfree. The Feeldoe is much stiffer, but many people find it harder to hold in handsfree.
curiousnwilling curiousnwilling
I hope one day they make the perfect dildo. Because there's just too many factors to consider right now
RentAChik RentAChik
I heard that many people have issues with these staying in place. I'd stick with the trusty strap on.
glendalebicouple glendalebicouple
We own both the Share and the Share XL. The Share is definitely more flimsy than the Share XL but my wife and I used it just fine before we purchased the XL. We found getting the base of either Share locked in place in her. After some trial and error we found the best way to keep the Share in place for her was to have her use anal beads in conjunction with the Share. As for me, we just stick with the slow and steady insertion into me. Once it is in we have never had a "too flimsy" issue. And yes, as ScottA suggests, i use my hand to assist with lining up that initial insertion.

Sorry for the delayed response to this post but if anyone has additional questions just send us a note.

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