Double penetrator – double penetration dildo

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This looks great do you think it'd be a great party favor
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Engaging topic analysis of Penetration:

Can you orgasm from anal?
can a person orgasm from just anal sex or is there double penetration or clitoral stimulation involved as well?

Who has the sexual power in our culture?
It has been said by many that women hold the sexual power in our society because it is our ultimate decision whether we allow penetration or not...

Looking for a vaginal vibrator to use with anal penetration?
I'm looking for a Vaginal Vibrator to use with anal penetration. I want my wife uses the Vagina vibrator at the same time I penetrate her in her anus.

Age and the g spot...
When I was younger I never could quite get off from just penetration, but as I've gotten older I have noticed it is much easier for me. Anyone else?

Clitoral stimulation, penetration, or both?
What sends you into bliss; Clitoral stimulation?, penetration?, or both?
Contributor: Erotic Tendencies Erotic Tendencies
I think it would make a funny party favor, but as far as being used I think it would be hard or frustrating for those that are inexperienced.
Contributor: acessorie acessorie
Only if i can come to your party