Flesflight Freaks dildos

Contributor: nightlight nightlight
I really like these dildos. I do, however, have one criticism. The manufacturer makes the balls way too big and these balls serve no real purpose when the thing is in use. The Cyborg is the best example of this problem but they all have it. The amount of silicone that they use to make the balls could be much better used in making these dildos longer and/or thicker.
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Contributor: snowminx snowminx
I disagree, think they are pretty proportionate due to the toy's massive size. Also balls on that isn't useless, it has no base so they help the toy not get stuck in your bum if it just happens to be able to eat very large objects. Also I don't think I've seen anyone complaining about those toys being too small as they are already, just saying.
Contributor: eri86 eri86
Those things are big enough as it is. They don't need to be bigger. And the balls are pretty proportionate to the size of the shaft.