g-spot question

Contributor: dusty fun dusty fun
Hello, my girlfriend and I were considering purchasing a dildo. She's never had an orgasm during intercourse with me and she has in the past, and she has squirted as well. She says it's happened when a large head rubs against her g-spot..like 2 inches wide. My penis head is nowhere near that big and while she says she's only experienced this with a larger dildo she used to have, I think it was really an ex with a big one and she just doesn't wasn't to say that, which I'm fine with Anyway, I have read that the g-spot may not even exist at all! So I thought this would be a great place to get experienced woman's thoughts on this and whether a bigger head would help with an intercourse/g-spot orgasm. Any recommendations of dildos would be great too. Thanks!
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