Hank dong realistic dildo

Contributor: Chato Chato
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I would prefer something for anal and vaginal. Would the Hank be a good dual purpose dildo?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Pospers Pospers
Originally posted by Chato
I would prefer something for anal and vaginal. Would the Hank be a good dual purpose dildo?
Yes, Hank is great in the vagina and the ass...assuming that you have some ass experience.
Contributor: Rufina Rufina
This is a good choice for an advanced anal user. Hank is a little bit above average size and if you are a beginner or even intermediate user in anal play I wouldn't recommend it. It is always better to use smaller size for anal play like Happy valley realistic (AL0320STVB) which is thinner. If realistic shape is not a must than Mistress (VXNMP) from Vixen Creations or a Boy 1(B1E01PU) are good options. With all of them don’t forget that toys from anus should never go to vagina without proper cleaning and disinfection which is a breeze with silicone toys!
Contributor: Essin' Em Essin' Em
If you're going to go with a dual purpose dildo, I'd highly recommend using something made of silicone, glass or metal, as you can sterilize that when going anal-to-vaginal.

If you choose a dildo that isn't silicone, metal, glass or ceramic, you should use a condom whenever using it in your vagina!
Contributor: blah :) blah :)
yes,use a condom though!
Contributor: succulenthunny616 succulenthunny616
Contributor: booyahshaka91 booyahshaka91
Contributor: LoneOokami LoneOokami
hes pretty big for anal so if youre not experienced I wouldnt recommend him for duel use