Harry Potter Adult toys? Wizard wand wooden dildos?

Harry Potter Adult toys? Wizard wand wooden dildos?

amenti amenti

Ok so I'm a huge geek who likes Harry Potter, but I also love toys that look like other things.
I'm looking for a dildo or vibrator that looks like a wizard wand.
I've already seen the magical girl anime ecse glass wands with heart handles.
I'm thinking more like a wooden textured dildo.
Like this one on etsy:

Would you like a wooden dildo like that? I would.

Or a vibrating wand of some kind that could pass as a Halloween or cosplay prop.

I've heard that there are vibrators out there that look like magic wands
like this pic:

Would you buy a toy that looks like a wand of some kind?
And can you help me find some?
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Tork48309 Tork48309
Great idea especially with this sexy costume, that would make any partner beg for a little magic!
Chilipepper Chilipepper
There used to be a HP vibrating broomstick that really was sold as a kid's toy - until the parents figured out what it was (I'm pretty sure it was because older sister kept borrowing it and locking her bedroom door).

C and I were in the local pagan shop and he found a quartz wand that looked exactly like my Crystal Lover dildo. This, of course, had me laughing, mainly because wands are a masculine tool in earth magic, so it'd make sense that they could look like or double as dildos.

I wouldn't know where to look for vibrating wooden ones, but I'm sure hollowing out the handle for a bullet wouldn't been all that difficult if you have the tools.
kdlt kdlt
haha That would be really cool actually!
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