Have a Captain, should I get a General, Outlaw, something else or nothing?

Have a Captain, should I get a General, Outlaw, something else or nothing?

ScottA ScottA
Background - we currently have a number of good dildos, three largies I like being the Tantus Captain (discontinued, but see link ), Vixen Maverick, and Tantus Cowboy. I'm back and forth on whether adding the Tantus General or Vixen Outlaw to the toybox for anal use would be worth it or not, so I'm looking for people who have played with these and can give their ideas.
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
The Outlaw is a robust tool - I'm sure that there are those who can take it anally - but I'm not there - yet. My wife can only use the Outlaw after having a long bout with something like Johnny.

We've looked at the Maverick - which is about the same diameter but with a more pronounced head. If you like that 'pop' upon entry, the Maverick should give you the same stretch as the Outlaw - but with the added 'pop'.

The Outlaw is of course a little longer - but it's about 2x the length that I comfortably go for anal toys - but if you like long, the Outlaw is a winner.

Happy hunting - I look forward to reading your review!
3d3n1 3d3n1
Outlaw is a nice toy, but it's big. Definitely a challenge for anal use - one that I'm not up to.

Maverick has way to pronounced of a head for my liking, and it's a tiny bit thicker than Outlaw as far as I know... so I'd go for Outlaw if it were me.

Tantus' regular silicone is way too hard, IMO. So I'd skip Cowboy.
ScottA ScottA
Clarification - I already have the Cowboy, Captain and Maverick, looking to possibly add another.

I guess the big question is whether the General would be better enough compared to my Captain to be worth considering - they're about the same size.
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