Help me pick a new Vixen dildo!

Contributor: lusitania lusitania
A little background: I've battled vaginismus (it's mostly okay now), and now I need to work on some stretch and training work, because good lord I forgot how tiny I am. The guy I'm currently seeing is larger than I'm used to, too; we tried having sex for the first time last night, and it didn't end well (i.e. me in tears because of the pain, but he was a star through that whole ordeal). When I first starting working on my vaginismus, I got the Tantus Silk small and Compact (both with a base diameter of about 1" and length of… not much, maybe 4-5"). Once I was able to get both of those in once, I said, "Cool, I'm good now," and then quit, since sex really wasn't on the horizon and clit stimulation was so much easier.

Now it's been about 2 years since anything's been up there, and my muscles are protesting. Big time. I'm not crazy about the silicone I have right now because it feels so… weird. Fake weird (also part of why I quit practicing). I'm purchasing the dilator vibrator set from the site, and my friend recommended Vixens, so I'm narrowing it down:

Spur: a little bigger than what I currently have, but still reasonably small. In conjunction with the dilator, would this one really satisfy me long term, though, or would I be done with this $80 dildo in 6 months? Obviously no one knows, but it's something that I'm trying to weigh.
Raquel: the one my friend has and loves. Looking at the video, maybe too squishy/floppy? It seems like it would be difficult to put in, even, just from the sheer amount of give (but that may be good for me?).
Mustang: seems like it potentially could satisfy me for longer than the Spur, but I don't know that for sure. It seems like a more average size that I'm used to dealing with, at least from the video (which I was able to handle… okay, considering)? Maybe? But I'm not sure how much I'd be able to use it now. I also think I *might* like the tapered head more than the bulb head on the Raquel, but for whatever reason I'm struggling to get on the realistic dildo train.

Obviously it'll depend on me, but if anyone has any input, it'd be appreciated, especially since this will be my first pricey toy.
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Contributor: Ansley Ansley
All are good choices, I have the Mustang in tie-bright and I find it to be way too small for my tastes yet it is very easy to use, so based in that alone the Mustang is my recommendation. I think it's really great you're continuing to try and there are a number of womem on here who have the same trouble. I hope they also weigh in on your post. Good luck!