How do YOU clean your non-porous toys?

How do YOU clean your non-porous toys?

Annemarie Annemarie
There's so many different options for cleaning non-porous things: boiling, bleaching, soaping, dishwashering, alcoholing... yadda yadda yadda.

So, how do you clean your toys?

Me, I generally use soap and water before and after, with a sanitization every once in awhile (maybe once a month or once every two months) by boiling. I don't use antibacterial soap, however, in the washing.
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ScottA ScottA
Soap and water (usually with dish soap, as it seems to clean better than hand soap). Every once and a while a boiling or bleaching, but not too often. We're single partners, so STIs aren't an issue unless something unexpected happens.
P'Gell P'Gell
We have one semiporous vibe that we mainly use as a dil, but I don't like the material, so we barely use it. When in use, we cover it with a non-latex condom.

We also have hard jelly anal beads. I wash both of these by first cleaning them with Cal Exotics Toy Cleaner, then using a good soap and HOT water. They are too long to cover with a condom.

I have considered using a "sterilizer bag" made for cleaning breast pump parts, but I couldn't do that with anything powered, and am not sure how the ONE jelly toy we have will hold up to steaming.

The beads were cheap, and I just got a new silicone butt plug, so I may try the sterilizer bags and see what happens.

Here's a link to the bags. If you buy them from the distributor (Medela Inc.) or a lactation consultant (which is what I am) PLEASE don't tell them what you are using them for. Sadly, there are too many uptight people in nursing and the lactation field. Those of us who are more open would have no problem with this, but you never know who you will run into and who may be judgmental.

from Amazon (who won't ask questions)

From the distributor (who might or who will probably refer you to a local LC, who may or may not want to know why you need them. I need to be honest, if you are questioned, just say you have all the pump supplies you need or just want the bags for a shower gift. Believe me, I know these women. Some of us are cool. TOO many are repressed and judgmental.)


BUT, these are a great way to clean ANY toy which doesn't have any electronics involved in it.
gone77 gone77
Since I don't share my toys, I just use antibacterial soap and hot water.
Liz2 Liz2
I use anti-bacterial soap and Before and After toy cleaner. At this point my porous toys are minimal and I rarely use them.
For my silicone toys, stainless steel, glass and metal; I boil them or use a bleach solution that I keep in a spray bottle after I wash them with anti-bacterial soap and water.
Envy Envy
Soap and water pretty much. Maybe rubbing alcohol on plastic if I feel a little paranoid.
Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon
Soap and water, since I don't share my nonporous toys with anyone.
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
I use soap and water - usually Ivory dish soap, Dr Bronners or Burt's Bees soap - for every day cleaning.

Every few months I boil up some stock pots full of water and give everything in the house a sanitizing bath, spray it down with bleach, let it air dry then put it all away.

What a way to spend a weekend...
Meowmix Meowmix
Always used soap and water, have always wondered about using the dishwasher to clean them, How does one go about doing that?
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
Originally posted by Meowmix
Always used soap and water, have always wondered about using the dishwasher to clean them, How does one go about doing that?
Simply place the toys in the top rack and run a cycle with no soap. Only silicone, glass, metal and other non porous toys, of course.

And make sure the dishwasher is clean before you do it. Lettuce stuck in the bottom WILL find it's way onto your toys. LOL
seaofneptune seaofneptune
I usually just use mild soap and hot water. I live with room mates so it's not very discreet for me to put my toys in the dishwasher or get caught boiling them. I'll probably boil them (silicone) when I have the house to myself for a while though - just to give them a full cleaning.
...... ......
Before and after use I just use soap and water. But I do occasionally boil the ones that can be boiled.
oohlookasquirrel oohlookasquirrel
Plain old soap and water. Whatever soap I'm using for my hands is fine. Usually that's an Indigo Wild Zum Bar, Doctor Bronner's, or some other petrochemical-free, all natural soap without heavy fragrances.

I'm one of those hippies who is worried about the chemicals that dry my hands out and give my sensitive skin rashes. If I wouldn't put it on my body, why would I put it on my sex toys? As for anti-bacterial soaps, I don't believe in using them. I don't like the idea of creating super, antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
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