How do you feel when the other person doesn't orgasm?

Contributor: mep28 mep28
I feel awful if he doesn't finish. But sometimes I just can't last as long as he does.
Contributor: HannahPanda HannahPanda
If they feel bad, I feel bad.
Contributor: edeneve edeneve
when he can't orgasm, I don't feel judgmental about it - I let him know it's ok in subtle ways.
Contributor: grandtiger grandtiger
I have had some amazing sex where I did't orgasm. I make sure that when I want to, I do, but there are some times when my partner makes me feel so good and if I orgasm I know I'll become overly sensitive and that feeling will go away. Also, I love penetration but I rarely climax from penetration alone. So sometimes I just like my partner to fuck me and I thoroughly enjoy it, I just don't orgasm.
Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by eri86
... the other person doesn't orgasm?
We love to get each other off, but if the one person says "I can't cum right now", that's fine. We have a great sex life, so a misses orgasm, when it happens, "ain't no big deal".
Contributor: cagypsy cagypsy
There has only been one or two occurrences when I couldn't get my partner to orgasm.
Contributor: cmm cmm
I doesn't really affect me too much. Usually if she doesn't it's because I'm tired and, and tired of fucking.
Contributor: Trixxxy Trixxxy
I only feel bad if its a guy. Its easy to make guys cum but not girls
Contributor: GreenKo GreenKo
feel bad if I don't bring my partner to orgasm