Is the Share softer than the Realdoe

Is the Share softer than the Realdoe

eroticmutt eroticmutt
I noticed with my partner that the Realdoe (made by Feeldoe) is very firm. The silicone is so hard that it feels almost like plastic because there is no give to it, and that can be really uncomfortable during use.

Is the Share any softer than the Realdoe? And if not, is the ridge on the head at least a bit less pronounced? Would like to know either way, thanks
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I don't know/ haven't used and compared the toys
eroticmutt , SJ88 , Nazaress , LavenderSkies , potstickers , spiced , Alchemagician , srexom , EmptyOne
9  (82%)
Neither is softer, they are both the same
The Share is softer than the Realdoe
Ghost , ScottA
2  (18%)
The Realdoe is softer than the Share
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Nazaress Nazaress
I haven't used any of these (though I want one) so I'm sorry I can't help but I hope you find what you're looking for!
Chirple Chirple
I haven't the Realdoe, but the Share is pretty soft. It's not super-squishy but, it's certainly not plastic-hard
ScottA ScottA
I don't have the Realdoe, but I do have the Feeldoe, and it sounds like the silicone is pretty similar.

Yes, the Share is much softer than the Feeldoe, and much more comfortable in situations that aren't perfect because it will bend instead of poking. I don't know about the Realdoe, but the head on the Share is much more rounded and gentle than the one on the Feeldoe More.
spiced spiced
I was hoping the Realdoe would be more like O2 or Vixskin, but from what I've read it's much firmer than those, but slightly less firm than the original Feeldoe.
spencer spencer
Would anyone who has the Share or Realdoe be willing to upload an image of it to toysizer link

I am quite picky about size and I want to compare it to others I have.

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