modification to silicone dildos with irritating textures?

modification to silicone dildos with irritating textures?

aliceinthehole aliceinthehole
i've got the fun factory curve, found here and that g-spot bump that's meant to stimulate only hurts me. it's too hard. i'm wondering if it's possible or if any of you have attempted to modify silicone toys?

i feel like a razor blade could successfully shave off that hard bump and leave a not-too-jagged edge underneath. this is a perfect toy otherwise and i'd hate to completely ruin it by jerry jacking it but...

suggestions? experience?

all are appreciated.

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Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
I don't think either of us has actually cut a part off of a silicone toy, but Alan has drilled holes in the bases or a couple of silicone dildos (to fit a bullet vibe) and we've shaved down the seams on a couple with no problems.
aliceinthehole aliceinthehole
cool, it sounds like it should work okay. you use a razor blade i assume?
Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
Yes, pretty much... we use an Xacto knife (same thing just with a handle). Ooh! Alan did use an actual drill bit for the holes I mentioned though.
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