Omg dual density, but eh, realistic..

Omg dual density, but eh, realistic..

Positwist Positwist
I just got the O2 Cush and I LOVE IT. I'm totally enamored of the dual density silicone, and now I'm eager to try VixSkin.

But they're all so... realistic. I know the Raquel is non-realistic, but it's slender and pink, not really my bag. I'm trying to get over my aversion to realistic dildos, but I just can't bring myself to buy a cock that looks so much like a cock.

Anyone else having this dilemma? Any words of advice or encouragement in overcoming my squicky feelings about realistic dildos?
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Ansley Ansley
The question is "why are you having these feelings?", I think. I mean if I don't know why you don't like them, then I can't try to convince you otherwise.
underHim underHim
I dont like realistic looking dildos either so you are not alone. My personal reason if while I do not mind using toys and my husband enjoys using them on me his is the only "cock" I want in me. Also the disembodied cock thing is just creepy to me. If you are not comfortable using them, it does not really matter why though in my opinion, if you are not confortable do not use them. It is too bad that you cant find many dildos in your favorite material without looking realistic though.
Ningyo Ningyo
I had this same problem, wanting a VixSkin toy after experiencing O2. I prefer semi-realistic to non-realistic toys, and the only non-realistic in the VixSkin line is the Raquel. It took me a long time to order it because I really don't like pink, but I was surprised when I finally got it; it is a nice shimmery shade of pink, and in the light, it reflects a blue/purple sheen. The base is a shimmery white that also has the blue/purple color-changing action going on. It's much prettier than I expected, and I love using it. I do wish Vixen Creations would consider designing some more non-realistic toys though. I would suggest waiting for this rather than buying a toy you know ahead of time will creep you out.
prettynpink prettynpink
Sometimes my hubby likes realistic toys on me because he says its like living a sorta threesome fantasy without the awkwardness
Rawhide Rawhide
Personally I have no problem with realistic cocks, but there are ways to mitigate the realistic details of Vixskin cocks if that's what you're going for.

For instance, personally I don't think Maverick looks all that realistic with the big oversized helmet head. It's also one of the options without veins or balls.

Also, you might consider getting the color that is the farthest shade away from your skintone. In my experience, the caramel is the most realistic shade. I tried the vanilla and even though I'm very pale, it was way too pale to resemble a real skin tone. If you have light skin, the high contrast of the chocolate shade might work for you.
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