Review Questions Answered - Swirled blue

Review Questions Answered - Swirled blue

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This topic is for questions, comment, suggestions, and my answers/follow-ups for the following review:


I created this in the forum due to the limited word restrictions.

---------------------- --

Hey there. Wow those are some fast comments on my review =].

@ Wrangler --> Yes I love the ease of cleaning, compatibility of lubricant, and their overall smoothness compared to other materials. I think that the smoothness and weighted feel are what make me enjoy glass more than silicone. (Perhaps my butt makes it feel less as good for those materials since they tend to not be as smooth, slippery, hard, and weighted.)
Ironically I can’t take a lot of a softer dildo opposed to a harder one; meaning I have found that 1.5 inches of steel is way easier to take anally opposed to a jelly or silicone of a similar or smaller size.
An example of 1.5 in. of steel (if you are wondering) in a cheap package that does not require you to buy the $300 nJoy perfect Eleven is to get a 3-4 D Cell Maglite ($30) from Amazon. Trust me it feels amazing, from the highly weighted feel and 1.5 Diameter, and for any girls that are squirters, no worries they are waterproof. Ok so enough about that.

Yes I think I do like it more than other glass toys that I have, although I have 2 new ones I need to try out. Currently I own the following glass dildos:

Prickler: (A good starter glass dildo)

Phallix Elbow and Ball: (I use this most commonly, and I love the ball end in the butt =])

E-Glass Screamer: (Good for twirling)

Don Wands – Bubble Head (haven’t tried this yet but will soon, and it looks amazing)

Don Wands – Rings, Pink Tip (This one adds a new sensation from the rings)

A&E E-Glass Butt plug. (Need to try this one, but it looks extremely good)

Tip: If you are looking for glass dildos or dildos in general on Amazon, select “Health & Personal Care” to get more results. It is best to find a seller on there, go to their Amazon storefront, and search “Glass” for their products. Just some tips to pass on to others which I have learned over the past few weeks of browsing.

As for steel (which is similar to glass from its weighted feel and temperature adaptation) I have: nJoy Pure Plug 2.0 (To Test), Maglite Flashlight (Feels nice and full), and will soon have the nJoy Pure Wand, and also this discontinued Steel Vibe here: (both should arrive tomorrow)

Here is the Steel Vibe I am talking about:
(Actually I just received an email stating it was out of stock here too. Grr!)

As for why I enjoy this Don Wand Cobalt Blue Magnificent ripple dildo more than others, is because of the pumping. I typically do not like to pump anything in and out of my butt except for these red Doc-Johnson rubbery graduated beaded thing. (I think it is called Anal Ringer) So this dildo is ground breaking for that reason alone in my opinion. Although I did not like twisting/rotating this dildo around. (Perhaps I need to losen up my sphincters grip to enjoy that more) Although the Pumping, Twirling, and Wiggling of it.

I really enjoy dildos that have a head which is a significant enough difference between the shaft and the end which allow your sphincter muscle to have a grip on it, which allow it to typically stay in without holding it if you are standing or get up to do something.
In fact I recently discovered the pleasures of using that Phallix Elbow dildo while swimming. Damn, talk about an adventure. I wish I could do it more often but, still living with your parents through college does have its disadvantages like so. (Although I concluded the pros outweigh the cons that is why I am, hah)
I will be sure to write about the adventure more… somewhere when I get around to it again.
I do recommend everyone try that sometime either vaginally or anally with a glass dildo or plug, or weighted object while swimming naked if you have a pool. It’s fucking awesome! Just might want to wait until after dark to do so.

@ Bulma --> I am very glad you liked my review. I can be really descriptive sometimes and that doesn’t even touch the surface of how much I can express due to limits. Hopefully I can provide some more entertainment for you by elaborating more on my experiences sometime. Even though I am only 18, I try to keep an open mind about sexual ideas, experiences and, my overall outlook upon life.
Although, I must say my current interest is the discovery of anal play and the feelings that it can enable you to enjoy.
They say the anus is one of the top erogenous zones due to its massive amount of nerve endings packaged together in a small surface area, creating those pleasurable sensory overload thought when combining anal play with masturbation, sex, or whatever else could come along.
Hah I remember even as a little kid I used to enjoy the feeling of my nice butt. Although I would say that I am nowhere near gay. I do wish I was bi, but unfortunately not. (The more options the better you know?) Yet I would have to be probably extremely turned on to actually act upon that with a guy. Although I guess it would be kind of hot being nailed in the butt by someone else’s boner
Even hotter though would be a girl with a strap-on doing it to me haha. I will be sure to train my wife to do that when I am older. =]

@ Epiphora --> Oh yea the ribs are hella nice and I am sure they feel wonderful vaginally as well. Hopfully within a few months or so I will experiment some more with my semi-fwb/ semi-ex gf and see if she enjoys that haha.
Yea the bumps I have felt as well on my Prickler glass dildo and they are pretty nice, yet ripples/ribs take the cake for sure

Anyway, I will have to do an unofficial review for my nJoy Pure Plug 2.0 later today or tomorrow sometime since I am excited to try it out. Hell I would have it in now but been too busy today preparing out $400 fireworks for the 4th, and since I tend to only do anal play when its all clean, an enema is a must before hand which could take 30min sometimes.

I wish I could written more in the review, but the limit always trips me up
Damn I need a blog to share all my thoughts because I have so much information I would love to inform the world about but unfortunately no organized place to put it hah.
And even though I am smart with computers, my programming skills do not include website management =[.

If anyone has any comment, questions, or suggestions please let me know. Thanks.
Until the near future, have fun, and many orgasms.

(AKA: Alt, AltF4)
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Bulma Bulma
I agree that strap on sex is hot, tonight my husband and I am planning on picking out a few dildos and a good harness for the purpose of pegging. I actually already have my heart set on a couple VixSkin dildos, just need to make sure the hubby is ok with the size. I've secretly always wondered what it would be like to have a penis, especially if I could penetrate my husband with it. The pegging is more my fantasy than it is his, although he does enjoy anal stimulation (thank goodness!)

You should have a blog. has a pretty good free service and it is super easy to set up. You just choose from templates then can change different things. I have a blog there that I started a couple weeks ago, but seriously I don't get as much time to post as I thought I would, so I only have three posts. lol

P.S. Great to have you in the community! I can already tell you're going to be pretty active on here, and I'm looking forward to seeing more from you!
Alt Alt
Originally posted by Bulma
I agree that strap on sex is hot, tonight my husband and I am planning on picking out a few dildos and a good harness for the purpose of pegging. I actually already have my heart set on a couple VixSkin dildos, just need to make sure the hubby is ok ...
Yes pegging is quite hot to think about hah. Eh and having a penis is ok but sometimes it can be a real pain and cause some unwanted results. Specifically, a large problem is uncontrollable erections. Not cool. Sometimes will happen in class and I am like: "Fuck, the teacher better not make me get up and move something or bring over my damn paper" haha.

By the way, do you enjoy anal/anal play at all? And also do you have a favorite dildo size/type/brand/materi al?

Hmm good idea about the blog, I shall do some research into it when I get some more free time.

Ah and yes I will probably be active off and on. I seem to always have 100 things going on in life and tend to take them in chunks where I concentrate on one specific area, for some time.
Bulma Bulma
By anal/anal play I'm assuming you're talking about my husband and I doing a double dong kind of thing, which I have yet to try, but its on my to do list. I haven't actually pegged my husband with a dildo yet, just fingers and butt plugs so far, but my harness and dildos will be arriving thursday! I haven't tried glass or metal yet it's so darn expensive. So of course my favorite material is silicone (being able to sterilize anal toys is super important since my husband and I share them). I ordered the lonestar for a realistic dick, and it's made out of VixSkin, so I am super excited to actually see this thing and feel it. It is on the large side for my husband though; it is 1 7/8 inch diameter. The other dildo I got is the Perk which has some realism in the overall shape of it and the head on it, but it is only 1 1/2 inch diameter and has a vibrating bullet. So far he likes fingers the best, and I prefer a real cock to anything else, but I haven't tried anything larger than 1 1/2 for dildos yet. I wanted to buy the Outlaw dildo (has a nice 2 inch diameter on it) but alas, they were out of stock. My experience so far has been mostly with a cock, but I'm working on that!

I do know a little what you mean about unwanted erections. There was one time buying new panties for me that I will NEVER forget because my husband got a boner at the store. I like to pick out things I like when I'm shopping then have my husband pick out the final winner for me (yes I even do this when shopping for undergarments). I think we scared off more than one person. Even though it was hot, it was embarrassing as hell.

Ha, sorry if my writing is a little bit weird. I was up until 3:30 am last night. My Sinnflut is coming today! I just couldn't sleep thinking about it and about my new order. So if something doesn't quite make sense, or I've used the wrong word the wrong way, or something similar; just assume it's because I only got 2 1/2 hours of sleep last night. lol maybe I should go back to sleep :-o

P.S. I blame my penis envy on my cousin. As a child I was always forced to play the ken doll while my cousin would always play the barbies. My stupid dreams don't help either. I actually dreamt once that I rubbed my clit until it swelled up into a 12 inch cock. lol I think sleepless nights and screaming kids are making me crazy! I'd better play some GTA4 to straighten myself out some again! I'm done typing for now, geez I didn't realize this was getting so long!
Alt Alt
Sounds like you have some good experience with dildos for sure

So that Sinnflut, are you planning on trying that anally at all, and if so please let me know how it is. I was thinking about one day perhaps investing in one, although the price tag sometimes scares me off from getting motivated enough.

Now that would be funny about your clit. Although you girls are lucky because your clit is 2x more sensitive than the male penis. (apparently is has double the nerve endings)

By the way how old are your kids?
Bulma Bulma
The Sinnflut doesn't have a flared base, so I won't use it anally. It most likely wouldn't get lost up my butt, but with a price tag of $160 I don't even want to chance it. It will be my luxury toy until I get my hands on a glass juicer.

Yes clits are nice, but I would give it up in a heart beat if I could choose to get rid of something else that goes along with being female

My girls are 3 1/2 and 2. They can screech VERY loudly, for hours on end too. Lucky me that I get migraines from loud noise. lol I think I keep advil in business.
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