Taking the next step up in dildo size?

Taking the next step up in dildo size?

lcl169 lcl169
hi all,

I'm looking for a realistic dildo that is the appropriate next step up and I could use your recommendations!

I have the Tantus Echo and the Curve, which are both about 5 1/2-3/4" insertable length, and between 1 1/4-1/2" in diameter. I am looking for something with more girth, but obviously I don't want to go too far along the spectrum and not be able to take something too large (no one likes wasting money!)...

I have taken both ends of the Tantus Share, and found the "bulb" end to be a little painful, but I think that's because it was too hooked for my anatomy. Can anyone offer any advice for taking the next step up, and recommend any realistic silicone products? Price is not an issue here.


P.S. If anyone has opinions on Tantus vs Vixen that would be greatly appreciated too! (Especially as it relates to "insertability"...e.g. friction of the materials and such.)
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Vixskin toys are more comfortable - so you can use a larger size than most other toys. For a firmer toy like the G4 Big Boss 1.75" is max for my wife - but with Vixskin she can use the 2"" Maverick and enjoy it.
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