The Pros and Cons of Vibrating Dildos: Share Your Experiences

Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
I'm on the hunt for truth. Lately, I've been infatuated by vibrating dildos, they're the only toy I research, buy, and can think of. But there is so much controversy around them!

Are they better than real because they have realistic features AND vibration, or does it make them less authentic? Is it less intimidating for your partner or more, if you have a vibrating dildos? Can you use them for anal or am I just insane? Are these dildo vibes actually so good for people with disabilities or is it just my perspective?
I feel like this guy
vibrating dildos craziness

Please, tell me your stance on vibrating dildos and share some insights - I really anna know if there is someone out there who is as charmed by them - or any other toy, by the matter of fact.
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Nov 3, 3:37 am
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Contributor: abee abee
Vibrating dildos rock. They're much better for stimulation than regular dildos, especially for people who have a hard time orgasming from penetration, who want more intense orgasms, or who can't thrust/ride a dildo to get themselves off. They're an excellent toy for disabled people, but I think they're awesome for anyone! The realism isn't an issue for me.
And yes, they can totally be used for anal (as long as they meet other criteria for anal play, like having a flared base so the entire thing won't slide in). There are also vibrating anal toys in special shapes.
Nov 8, 1:33 pm
Contributor: Kelsie2309 Kelsie2309
Baby, are you kidding? I'm in love with vibrating dildos!
Especially love the ones on the bigger side.
Also would love to choose a new vibrating dildo for the holidays, sort of a present to myself - any recommendations?
Nov 9, 6:17 am