Tips for Amethyst

Contributor: synj66 synj66
I am new to this g-spot deal, and to dildos in particular. Amethyst is my first glass toy. I do know I have a g-spot because I have mind blowing orgasms from intercourse with my husband in certain positions, however, the amethyst has done nothing for me. I really like the smooth, firm feel of the glass but I can't seem to pin point anything with it. It just feels small inside of me. Any tips on positions to try or how to move it that works for you?
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Contributor: Pumpk1nPatch Pumpk1nPatch
I'm a collector of g-spot toys, especially glass. I have the amethyst as well and it's my least favorite one. It's a little too thin and pokey for me. I've had much better luck with the Deep Water G and the Pure Wand!
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Get a Pure Wand - it'll give you satisfaction for many years - your whole life with minimal care. For my wife it's the perfect g-spot toy.
Contributor: synj66 synj66
I guess I will just have to do the inevitable- save up a bunch of money and get a pure wand lol. I have been eyeing it up but the mixed reviews scare me a little. I mainly use toys solo, so I'm worried about the weight.
Contributor: karenm karenm
One way that I use the Amethyst sometimes, which is less pokey, is that I insert the bulbed end and hold it by the curved end as a handle. I then tilt the curved end back (towards the back wall of the vagina) so that the bulbed end is pushed forward, against the g-spot. So I'd suggest trying that.

And maybe try other glass toys. The Love Journey is probably a good toy for a g-spot beginner, since it has a curved shaft instead of a bent one. It is easy to hold the handle and rock it in different ways to see what feels best. And it is a bit bigger and more filling than the Amethyst.